Best Cold Air Intakes for a Dodge Ram 1500 – 2021 Reviews

| Last Updated: December 25, 2021

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Are you looking for improved engine sound and jacked-up horsepower? A cold air intake system is arguably the highest functioning option that lives up to your expectations.

It is no surprise that air filter is the most crucial part of the engine. However, finding the right one requires some research. The good news is that we have done some research on your part and narrowed down to a list of popular cold air intake systems.

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Comparison Chart of the Best Cold Air Intakes For a Dodge Ram 1500

  • Guaranteed to improve accelaration by enhancing engine airflow
  • Dyno-tested with estimated 50% performance enhancements
  • Provides cleaner running engine by filtering unwanted dust contaminents
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  • Made with a powder-coated steel heat shield for enhanced performance and durability
  • Constructed with high-quality aluminum tubes that stays cooler for longer
  • Designed to improve torque and overall horsepower
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  • Best for the Money
  • Improves engine performance by enhancing throttle response and air intake
  • Makes the engine run cleaner and sound better
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  • Increases engines air intake subsequently providing better throttle response
  • Guaranteed to optimize accelertion and torque output
  • Provides the engine with cleaner air for optimized and cleaner performance
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  • Tested and rated to provide an estimated extra 18 horsepower and 23lbs of torque
  • Features a convenient snap-on heat shield
  • Improved non-oiled 3-layered system for better balance between performance and protection
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Can Any Cold Air Intake Be Used in a Dodge Ram 1500?

A choked engine leads to loss of power and fuel efficiency. Whenever you notice these signs, it's time to swap out your filter. However, you must keep in mind that not every cold air intake is compatible with the Dodge Ram 1500.

The compatibility of an intake system is extremely important to make the most of the product. Incorporation of the wrong model can have a negative effect on the longevity of the engine.

The next question that arises is which intake system works best with Dodge Ram 1500. Always opt for a model with a durable build and great filtration efficiency to keep the health of your truck on-point. This article has put together some top recommendations that can do this job without any fuss and muss. So keep on reading!

Review of the Best Cold Air Intakes For a Dodge Ram 1500

Upgrading your truck's engine with one of the finest cold air intakes would greatly improve the working condition of the vehicle. Let's help you find one for your truck. Listed below are some of the top-rated cold intakes for a Dodge Ram 1500, and in our opinion, all of them are worth the investment.

Best Overall:
K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-1561


  • Installation is just a breeze
  • Suitable for towing things up an incline
  • Enhances the horsepower automatically
  • Fine construction to serve you in the long run
  • Easy maintenance that makes it suitable for beginners


  • One size does not fit all
  • Works best on new vehicles

What Recent Buyers Report

This equipment has excited customers with the power it gives to the truck. They report that the incorporation of this air intake greatly improves the breathing condition of the truck. Moreover, there is increased airflow that not only keeps the truck in good condition but also adds to its longevity.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The K&K cold air intake kit does not get weary quickly. It features durable construction that tremendously increases the horsepower of your engine. It is easy to install and requires low maintenance. Another great thing is how well it allows your vehicle to go uphill by improving the acceleration.

Who Will Use This Most

It is ideally designed to achieve 15.66 horsepower. Its easy handling makes it great for beginners. With the world-class protection, this air intake effectively removes all the debris and contamination from your truck’s engine and ultimately enhances life. The super-intense power allows you to troop up inclines without any issue.

Bottom Line

An extraordinary model with tons of features, this air intake is so powerful that you can hear the roar under the hood. It increases the breathing condition of your truck by protecting the vehicle from any harmful material, including debris and dust. What else are you looking for?

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9934


  • Installation does not require longer
  • Sturdy construction to make it a durable option
  • Comes with a red specter air filter for eliminating contamination
  • Tremendously increases the horsepower and torque of the engine
  • Incorporates high-quality polished aluminum tubes for maximum performance


  • Doesn’t work well in fuel saving
  • A few concerns over the quality

What Recent Buyers Report

The high-end performance of our runner-up model is what most customers love. According to them, it tends to last in the long run. The incorporation of this air intake in the truck engine automatically improves the horsepower as well as the shelf life of the vehicle to a great extent.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A great product from Spectre, this air intake is powerful enough to greatly enhance the acceleration and power of the engine. It features polished aluminum tubes with a filter to catch all the harmful particles in the engine. The best thing is that the installation does not require significant effort and time from the user.

Who Will Use This Most

This robust air intake promises great value for your money. Its easy installation makes it a great option for beginners. Besides Ram 1500, this air intake works well with other truck engines as well to keep them running smoothly. This model is ideally designed to protect your valuable truck from gunk and crumbs.

Bottom Line

In case you are looking for air intake to keep your truck running smoothly with the added advantage of the performance, then this is probably the best option for you. It is user-friendly and lets the air move freely while removing the contamination from the system.

Best for the Money:
K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-1529


  • Installation process is quite simple
  • Gives a lot of power to your vehicle
  • Suitable for fixing acceleration problems
  • Tremendously improve the airflow by 50%
  • Surely the most reasonably priced air intake kit


  • Filtration layers are limited
  • Bolted system might get break overtime

What Recent Buyers Report

This product is well-reviewed by customers. They mostly like it for its simple yet efficient performance. The most loved thing is its easy installation that merely takes a few minutes. With this system in your engine, you can definitely hear the power roaring beneath you. Moreover, it makes towing quite easy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Well, if you hear a wheezing sound in the engine, it’s probably the time to change the filter. This model from K&K has got everything you are looking for. Not only does it remove all the debris from the system, but it also enhances the power to make the vehicle run smoothly. You can easily install it with basic hand tools to make your truck as good as new.

Who Will Use This Most

The cheaper price tag of this model makes it highly suitable for those on a tight budget. If power is what you are looking for, this air intake is surely the best way to increase the power of your system. The improved airflow and better performance make trucking upwards relatively easier for you.

Bottom Line

In case you need a straight-forward fix for your truck’s engine and that, too, without spending much, then you should definitely consider this model. It operates smoothly to increase the airflow and, ultimately, the ‘respiration’ of your valuable truck. Honestly, you won’t find a better deal.

4. Million Parts Perfit formance Cold Air Intake Kit


  • User-friendly and simple to install
  • Works well with a range of engines
  • Durable construction to make it last long
  • Unique design with an appealing appearance
  • One of the reasonably priced options on the market


  • Suitable for older models only
  • Filter replacements are tricky to find

What Recent Buyers Report

After looking at reviews, it’s clear that this air intake kit is extremely popular among customers who love their truck and want it to run smoothly for decades. It is highly suitable for older vehicles systems and improves their performance in no time. 

Moreover, it does excellent work in trapping all the harmful particles to increase the lifetime of the vehicle.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Another great intake system on the list, this model takes less time in installation. It allows the vehicle to inhale a larger amount of air, making it more efficient than ever. This ultimately enhances the horsepower and acceleration of an old truck and helps it run smoothly once again. Moreover, the filter keeps all the debris out of the system.

Who Will Use This Most

It is specially designed to fit 2002-2008 models in order to keep them running as good as new. One of the major challenges with an old truck is to find suitable parts, but this intake system eliminates this problem once and for all. All you need is to install it properly in the system, and you are all good to go.

Bottom Line

Installing this system in your old truck improves the overall health condition of the engine. It adds great power and acceleration to your vehicle by preventing it from debris and dirt at the same time. Overall, it is reliable and makes the right choice.

5. aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-12402


  • Quite easy to install
  • Adds power and torque to the system
  • Filters are washable to improve the shelf life
  • Manufactured from sturdy aluminum to serve you in the long run
  • Equipped with 3 layers of filtration to keep the system running smoothly


  • Package does not include lubrication

What Recent Buyers Report

Just like our other reviewed intake systems, this model has gained great ratings from its customers. They report that it is not only user-friendly but also improves the breathing conditions of the truck to a great extent. It fits most of the models and keeps them from any dirt and dust efficiently.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This intake system makes its way to our list for exhibiting some top-notch features. It has a sturdy build and gives you maximum control over your vehicle. The installation process is really straightforward and requires minimum effort. Moreover, the incorporation of three-layer filtration makes even the dirtiest air clean.

Who Will Use This Most

We find that this model is just the right option for those who are looking for a high-grade intake system. The design is quite simple, and therefore, replacing the filter is very easy. Just make sure your vehicle is compatible and leave the rest to this amazing system for powerful and smooth performance.

Bottom Line

The aFE Power Magnum intake system is incorporated with a great set of exceptional features. Whether we talk about the commendable filtration or improved airflow, this model won’t disappoint you ever. Additionally, with the washable filter, it is bound to last longer.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Who does not like extra power? A cold air intake eliminates all the restrictions that keep your engine from reaching the maximum potential. However, it is recommended to always make the decision with an open mind.

Before investing in an air intake system, you must have a look at some cautious considerations in order to make an informed decision.

Timely Maintenance

Although most of the air intake systems are backed by the manufacturer's warranty, you need to pay attention to its maintenance in order to not regret any loss. It is extremely important to do regular checks and inspections for seamless working. Just make sure the air filters are always clean to serve you for a longer period of time.


Whether you are shopping online or are in the market to pick a model, it is important to keep an eye on the specs. Do not take this for granted and make sure that the model fits with other parts of the vehicle. This is important because all parts of the truck are interconnected, and if the air intake is not compatible, it can put you in trouble. Therefore, take your time and always double-check.

Filtration System

When it comes to the filtration system, it's all about layers. Before picking one, look into replacement filters and their prices.

How to Install a Cold Air Intake on a Dodge Ram 1500

The installation of a cold air intake might seem tricky to some people. Honestly, it is pretty straightforward. Get all your tools and follow these simple steps to get done with the job shortly.

  1. First of all, park the truck and disconnect the battery and other necessary parts, including the PVC hose and IAT sensor.

  2. Take out the intake plenum after loosening the bolts.

  3. Next, remove the stock filter and O-ring present around the throttle.

  4. Now get the adapter in the heat shield and install the boot.

  5. This is followed by removing the IAT sensor and O-ring.

  6. Place the grommet on the same side as the breather.

  7. Setup the plug on the reverse side.

  8. Now install the sensor without pressing it too hard.

  9. Install the plugs on their respective spaces on the tube and place the coupler on the body of the throttle.

  10. Tighten all the clamps and place the heating shield properly.

  11. Make sure the shield is aligned properly, and then clip it.

  12. Connect the intake tube to the coupling component and the throttle.

  13. It’s time to tighten all the clamps.

  14. Cut the hose and install the oil filler and intake tubes.

  15. Reconnect the IAT sensor after making sure everything is properly placed.

  16. Reconnect the battery, and you are ready to drive.

If you still have any confusion, you can refer to the video below in order to have a detailed overview of what was just described. Happy driving!


Cold air intake improves the combustion rate by drawing colder air into the engine. This way, better combustion takes place, and less fuel is consumed to generate the spark and ultimately run the engine with better horsepower and torque. Now that you have gone through some of the best intake systems on the market, hopefully, you won’t have a hard time picking the right one.

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