Best Brake Pads For Dodge Ram 2500 – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: December 25, 2021

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Brake systems hold the same importance as other functions in a vehicle do. Therefore, overlooking or compromising the health and performance of components involved in a brake system would be a reckless act.

The assembly that makes your brakes more efficient and functional is of none other than brake pads. Their vitality shows that it won’t be a good decision to choose any brake pad for your Dodge Ram 2500.

In this article, we will discuss the most opportunistic brake pads for Dodge Ram 2500. Moreover, we will explain how to install them. So, if you are new to brake pads or in need of buying new ones, here are the important things you must know.

Comparison Chart of the Best Brake Pads For Dodge Ram 2500

  • Exclussively designed with integrally molded insulator for superior heat disapation and vibration elimination
  • Features Wagner specific CeramaicNXT formulation for advanced noise reduction
  • Designed with advanced thermal technology for longer wear protection
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  • Engineered from carbon fiber ceramics for superior and cleaner performance
  • Made with stainless steel powder-coated back plating for rust resistance
  • Engineered with scorch treatment and chamferring for noise-reduced operation
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  • Best for the Money
  • Constructed in compliance with Wagner OE21 low-copper ceramic formulation
  • Engineered for longer lasting performance and cleaner operation
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  • Made with copper-free ceramic formulation for clean and durable performance
  • Engineerede with a multilayered shim for the best noise reduced operation
  • Chamferred and slotted to provide further enhanced noise reduction
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  • Bosch-engineered premium-quality materials for ensured safety
  • Features protective transfer layer for durable long lasting service life
  • Made with a rubber cored multi-layered shim for more silent operation
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Will Any Set of Brake Pads Work on a Dodge Ram 2500?

The clear answer is no. These items don’t perform the same for every vehicle. For Dodge Ram 2500, in particular, one should consider the shape, size, and factors or type of use.

Opt for the right size and shape of items before buying a set for Dodge Ram 2500. Moreover, consider the consistency of use of the vehicle. If you travel a lot to muddy or hilly areas, then your items should offer plenty of resistance to the collection of dust.

Plus, if your vehicle is dedicated to towing or hauling more, it would be better to choose products that release brakes according to your control.

Review of the Best Brake Pads For Dodge Ram 2500

You should always look for a brake pad assembly that suits your Dodge Ram 2500 and gives its best to serve you. For this, you must search the features of different brake pads. This section will save your energy as it contains reviews of the best ones. Have a look to see which one fits your needs the best!

Best Overall:
Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965


  • Offer diverse compatibility
  • Good option for heavy use
  • Attain friction without vibration
  • Equipped with low copper technology
  • Set includes stainless steel hardware and brake pads for front wheels


  • No lubricant provided in the kit

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are quite happy with their selection and reported that this product served them for a very long time. Many customers were inclined to buying the same product next time when needed. Many customers also mentioned that these brake pads made no noise till the very last moment.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These brake pads are specifically designed for the front wheels of Dodge Ram 2500 and many other towing trucks. These ceramic models are innovated with IMI and low copper technology that help dissipate the heat produced as a result of friction.

Having the creepy sounds reduced to a great extent, these brake pads don’t allow gunk to accumulate in the brake system. Hence, they instantly decelerate the wheels whenever you press the brake pedal.

Who Will Use This Most

People who explore dusty and mountainous sites for adventure trips can make the most of these brake pads. They keep the dust off the rotor. Resultantly, the rotor is exposed to no risk of wear and tear. This feature will also make the vehicles demand no brake repair for a long time.

Bottom Line

Involving IMI technology, these brake pads decrease the acceleration of the tires smoothly rather than by causing jerks or vibrations. They stimulate friction without inflicting brittleness on the rotor. In addition, they are compatible with most towing trucks, so your traveling and hauling activities will stay in full swing.

Power Stop Z36-1399


  • Ideal for front wheels
  • Ensure silent performance
  • Help you get rid of sluggish brakes
  • Anti-corrosion powder coating lies on the surface
  • Feature coefficient of friction 17% more than high-end OE pads


What Recent Buyers Report

All the customers who applied these brake pads in their vehicles had a great time, and they also recommended others to consider them for their Dodge Ram 2500. Most of the buyers expressed their contentment with the quality of these brake pads. Customers are also glad to have additional items in the kit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These ceramic pads, being combined with carbon-fiber, boast a coefficient of friction that’s 17% more than standard OE manufactured pads. The pre-slotted and chamfered pads ensure the utmost heat escape and prevent noisy friction. Consequently, the pads function for an extended period.

They also come with grease and stainless steel hardware, so you don’t have to buy anything separately.

Who Will Use This Most

The brake pads are compatible with SUVs, Dodge Ram 2500, and various vehicles having high gross vehicle weights. So owners of such vehicles will be impressed by the instant brake response of these items. The end-users will enjoy the life they offer since the set is coated with rust-resistant powder.

Bottom Line

Exhibiting a 17% higher coefficient of friction than OE pads indicates that these brakes will surely exceed your expectations in regards to instant brake release. They deliver awe-inspiring outcomes with diminished sounds. Hence, opting for these will never make you regret your selection.

Best for the Money:
Wagner ThermoQuiet QC702A


  • Quite easy to assemble
  • Applicable to rear wheels
  • Guarantee years of service
  • Ceramic material is used in the manufacturing
  • IMI technology enhances the friction capability


  • Kit lacks lubricant

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers’ reviews showed that they are satisfied with the performance of these items. They found no shortcoming of the product. The majority of the customers reported that they are quite easy to install and don’t create squeals. Hence, we can conclude that the product stands tall on its claims.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The IMI technology accomplishes the task of providing an ample amount of friction while maintaining the required level of heat dissipation. Using stainless hardware, you can level out the gaps between the rotor and pads and get a smooth brake at every push of the pedal.

These ceramic built pads will fit the rear wheels of towing trucks.

Who Will Use This Most

Adventurers and offroad enthusiasts will find these pads most suitable for their vehicles. The combination of IMI and low copper technology enables them to cover a great deal of mileage without needing to replace the pads. The same combination also eliminates the possibility of rotor deterioration, faded brakes, and annoying noises.

Bottom Line

These brake pads do exactly what they claim to do. You can rely on them for Dodge Ram 2500. These brakes are integrated with IMI technology that favors soundless and sensitive brakes. With these, you can be saved from accident-prone brakes. Plus, being manufactured from ceramic, they will keep doing their job for a very long time.

4. Bosch BC1399 QuietCast


  • Meets the standards of OE pads
  • Edges of the pads are chamfered
  • Slots discourage heat accumulation
  • Lubricant and shims are provided in the accessory kit
  • Multiple layers behave as a shield against dust, wear and tear


  • Applicable to less number of vehicles

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of these products noticed no irritating sounds. They reported that these gave an immediate response to the call of brakes. Furthermore, people highlighted their durability. They also reported that assembling them was not head-scratching at all, which is a plus point of the product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The pads feature a great combination of the properties of both ceramic and semi-metallic products. These copper-free items are engineered with ceramic and aerospace aluminum alloy.

Furthermore, the shims are also provided in the package, which secures the pads in position. The item possess consecutive layers of steel and adhesive coating in the respective order, on both sides of the ceramic material. In short, you can carry on with your journeys as long as you have these installed.

Who Will Use This Most

The items are highly recommended for 2009-2010 Ram 2500. 2011-2017 Ram 2500, 2009-2010 Ram 3500, 2017-1019 Ram 3500, SUVs, and automobiles. Thus, if you own any of these trucks, you can use these products for the rear wheels of your vehicle. You will have no issues with the installation of the assembly and intactness of the brake system on the application of these pads.

Bottom Line

The composition improves the strength of these items. You will find the qualities of both ceramic and semi-metallic pads in these. Plus, the chamfering is carried out on pads to ensure rip-free friction.

Also, they come with complimentary layers of coating and steel, resulting in more pronounced brakes and durability.

5. Bosch BC1400 QuietCast


  • Ensures copper-free material
  • Neither wobble nor make noise
  • Protective layers increase the lifetime
  • Pads are well slotted for scattering heat
  • Lubricant and hardware make up the accessory kit


  • Offer limited applications

What Recent Buyers Report

Bosch BC1400 brake pads are successful in keeping customers satisfied. Buyers reported that after purchasing these items, they got relief from the sharp noises. These also attracted them due to the chemical coatings that promise excellent performance. The customers’ feedback is positive overall for these particular products.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These ceramic-cum-aluminum alloy items accompany two layers of adhesive coating and steel present on both sides. Therefore, these brake pads meet OE standards.

The shims not only fill in the spaces but also increase the lifespan of the pads by inhibiting the intrusion of dust, debris, and corrosion. The slotted and chamfered design promotes proper heat dispersion and integrity of the rotor.

Who Will Use This Most

The product offers compatibility with light trucks, including 2009-2010 Ram 2500. 2011-2017 Ram 2500, 2009-2010 Ram 3500, 2017-1019 Ram 3500, and SUVs. If you are someone who spends more time traveling from route to route, then this product is highly recommended for your vehicle. It will keep your brakes active and rotor dust as well as corrosion-free.

Bottom Line

These brake pads feature increased friction. At every push of the pedal, you will experience a risk-free deceleration of brakes. Apart from that, you will notice that they serve you longer than most high-end brake pads. In a nutshell, these come with next-level technologies for providing you trouble-free brakes.

How to Change Brake Pads on Dodge Ram 2500

Replacing brake pads on dodge Ram 2500 is a one-man task. You can do the replacement alone and won’t have to put tiring efforts into it.

We have split the whole procedure into simpler and user-friendly steps so you can change the brake pads on Dodge Ram 2500 whenever you want to. Before getting into the procedure, let’s go through the tools that you might need while replacing brake pads.

Tools needed: lug wrench, bungee lock, grease socket wrench, jack.

  1. First, grab a lug wrench and loosen the lugs of the tire, but don’t take it off right then.

  2. Next, raise the vehicle at some height with the help of a suitable floor jack.

  3. Remove the tire.

  4. You will see the brake caliper. Unscrew it.

  5. With the help of a little force, take the brake caliper apart from the caliper bracket.

Tip: Don’t think of hanging the caliper as it will damage the brake line. Instead, fix it near some support with a bungee lock.

After that, remove the old brake pads and replace them with new ones. Also, use shims for edge to edge fixing.

Tip: Lubricating the backside of pads prior to installation will help minimize sounds and boost friction.

  1. Re-attach the brake caliper.

  2. Fix the tire back to its position firmly.

  3. Descend your vehicle using the jack.

This is all that you need to do to change the brake pads of Dodge Ram 2500. If you want to have a visual demonstration, be sure to refer to the video below for a full overview of what was just described.


You don’t need to suffer from sluggish brakes, screeching on every brake release, and dusty tires any more thanks to the many efficient brake pads now available in the market. These will provide satisfactory and quieter stops, and don’t ask for frequent replacements. You can travel huge miles with the same durable brake pads. 

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