Best Duramax Exhausts – 2021 Review

| Last Updated: December 25, 2021

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Believe it or not, driving a high-powered automobile is surely a treat for your senses. 

A vehicle is a combination of various parts, and any issue with even a single one can downgrade the overall performance. The exhaust is such one part and parcel of your vehicle, which means you need to be careful while picking one.

In order to avoid confusion and save you some time, we present you with a detailed review of some of the best Duramax exhausts available. So if you’ve been looking for a replacement, we’ve rounded up some great options. 

Comparison of the Best Duramax Exhausts

  • Boosts horsepower and torque
  • Fuel economy improved by 1-2 mpg
  • Offers mellow, rich exhaust sounds
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  • High-quality ad durable materials used
  • Maximum flow due to mandrel bent tubing
  • Durable aluminized steel for long life
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  • Best for the Money
  • Kit includes all bends and straights
  • Easy slip-fit mandrel bent tube installation
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  • Best Duramax Dual Exhaust
  • Mandrel bends for improved flow capacity
  • High quality materials for durability and strength
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  • Best Duramax 5 Inch Exhaust
  • Integrated resonator reduces in-cab drone
  • Sturdy and durable construction
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  • Best MBRP Duramax Exhaust
  • 16 Gauge durable, aluminized steel
  • Improves power and performance
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Are All Exhausts The Same?

There are a plethora of options on the market, and you will see every other exhaust tagged as the best by manufacturers. However, not all of them are the same. Different manufacturers incorporate various modifications in order to make their products stand out.

A cat-back exhaust is connected to the system right after the last catalytic converter. It has a muffler, rear tailpipe. This system is quite popular and advantageous and, therefore, a go-to choice of many experts as well as beginners. 

On the other hand, a single-side exhaust works to remove all the harmful gases from the exhaust manifolds and release them into the open air. Finally, a turbo back system is primarily used on performance cars. Apart from evacuating the gases, this exhaust is ideally designed to elevate power. 

As expected, these exhausts vary in their prices. They can range from as low as $100 to as much as $5000. Generally, owners of sports cars go for top-brands to achieve performance goals. 

What Size of Exhaust Do I Need?

Engines of different vehicles have different needs. Since each vehicle has certain specifications, make sure you go for the right exhaust. The easiest way to find the right size is still the old-school rule of thumb. According to this rule, one-inch of the total pipe diameter is required across the system for every 100hp. 

For example, an engine of 500 horsepower could use a 2.5” dual exhaust. This is, of course, a rough estimation, and you should go for authentic mathematical formulas to know the perfect size. When it comes to Duramax, the usual recommended size is either four inches or five inches according to your preference. 

Review of the Best Duramax Exhausts

For any diesel owner, it is extremely crucial to modify the exhaust system. If you are preparing your mind to get a new Duramax exhaust kit, we have reviewed a list of some of the top-recommendations that are trending in the marketplace these days. 

Let’s get started!

Best Overall:


  • Installation does not take too long 
  • Works great at removing harmful gases
  • User-friendly and easily fits your vehicle
  • Improves the fuel economy of the car to a great extent
  • Made from high-grade polished steel to enhance longevity


  • Produces a loud noise
  • Not great for those on a tight budget 

What Recent Buyers Report

This exhaust has gained quite a lot of appreciation for delivering top-notch performance. Users have found it quite useful in eliminating harmful gases. The construction is commendable, plus the design complements many vehicles. It also improves fuel economy, making it a great pick. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

MBPR S5042AL is second to none. It has an exceptional set of features that work together to provide an unforgettable experience. The high-quality polished steel build makes it capable of enduring harsh conditions for a long time. 

It has an appealing design that is not only suitable for a range of vehicles but also user-friendly. You won't have to worry about additional expenditures for its installation, as you can do it by yourself with some simple hand tools. Furthermore, it is specially developed to increase flow capacity as well as fuel economy. 

Bottom Line

An extraordinary exhaust from MBPR, this model is best in the race for various reasons. The sturdy construction with a fantastic design makes it a great addition to your vehicle. All in all, you can rely on this exhaust for long, thanks to the three-year warranty. 

MVP Auto Parts Dual Exhaust System Kit


  • Fits both short and long beds
  • Bolt-on installation is rather quick
  • Straight pipe design without obstruction
  • Enhanced flow with mandrel-bent tubing
  • High-quality aluminized steel construction


  • No muffler for sound
  • Primarily for off-road performance

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have taken positively to this Duramax exhaust by MVP Auto Parts. They like how easy it is to install it in the turbo diesel engines. Buyers also reported better mileage with this exhaust and that too at such an impressive price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It has caught our eye with the aluminized steel construction, which helps the exhaust in top condition for a long time. The aluminized steel does not rust easily and has better protection against signs of daily wear. This makes the exhaust safe for both your engine and the environment. 

Moreover, this exhaust has mandrel-bent tubing, which improves the flow of fuel. Also, it does not have any obstructions in the pipe due to its straightforward design. This further enhances the quality of fuel regulation inside the engine. In addition to this, it has better usability as it can fit both long and short beds in crew cabs as well as extended cabs. 

Bottom Line

Summing it all up, this is an amazing exhaust for Duramax engines with its superior construction and flawless design. The tubing is quite efficient in fuel transmission, and the size of the exhaust is of an all-fitting nature too. So, it will be a nice upgrade to your vehicle’s parts.

Best for the Money:
Universal 3” Custom Exhaust by Speedway Motors


  • Durable 0.6-inch thick walls
  • Helps in customizing an exhaust system
  • 3-inch exhaust pipe bends and straights
  • Four different bend angles for better design
  • Increased power with the same width throughout


  • Needs some figuring out
  • Quite heavy at 72 pounds

What Recent Buyers Report

This Duramax exhaust has impressed people with both its working at the pricing. They found the three-inch pipes and the bends quite effective for their DIY projects. They reported that they could fix all the straights and bends after some initial contemplation. They were also happy because they did not have to pay any mechanics for this work. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We have added the Speedway Motors exhaust to our round-up because of its incredible affordability. It forms a network of pipes and tubing for thorough exhaust from your engine. The walls of the tubes and pipes are 0.6-inch thick, making them strong and durable. 

They can withstand the damage brought about by bumpy roads as they do not dent that easily. The bends in this exhaust system have three different angles at 45, 90, and 180. They make it easier for you to DIY your dream exhaust network. The slip-fit installation of the bends in place is another amazing feature for DIY lovers. 

Bottom Line

To wrap up, this is a great exhaust that goes light on your pocket and works its magic without any issues. The pipes have a consistent diameter and width throughout, which improves the overall performance. Hence, you should choose this one if you have to stick to a tight budget.

Best Duramax Dual Exhaust:
Dynomax 89007 Universal Dual Kit


  • Known for its improved flow capacity
  • Fine craftsmanship to ensure a perfect fit
  • User-friendly and extremely easy to install
  • Increased pipe diameter enhances the power of the system 
  • High-end construction that provides strength and durability


  • Some complaints of missing nuts 
  • Tubing size is not as big as advertised 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very happy with the performance of this exhaust pipe. They really appreciate the quality construction and user-friendly design of the model. Similarly, the large pipe makes the performance exceptional and increases the power of the overall system. Finally, you don’t have to call for any professional help in its installation.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because it is manufactured from high-quality aluminized steel that can easily endure tough conditions without compromising on the performance. Made under the supervision of experienced engineers, this product is known for its precision and strength. It is extremely user-friendly and provides the best performance possible.

When it comes to the pre-bend pipe, the model is made with precision bends. Similarly, each part is checked to mark reliability. It is very easy to install and hardly takes time, that, too, without any professional help. Finally, the manufacturers have increased the pipe diameter in order to increase the flow capacity and overall performance of the kit. 

Bottom Line

A great product from the company, this exhaust kit is known for its durability and versatility. The superior construction, in combination with fine design, makes it one of the best Duramax dual exhausts on the market. Its easy installation and great flow capacity add on to perfection.

Best Duramax 5-Inch Exhaust:
Diamond Eye 5" Aluminized Exhaust


  • Better throttle response
  • Lower exhaust gas temperature
  • Stainless steel Diamond’s Eye muffler
  • Simple bolt-on kits for quick installation
  • 6-year limited warranty on stainless steel kits


  • Tips are rather sharp
  • Fuel economy needs improvement

What Recent Buyers Report

People had a great time using this exhaust in their Duramax engines due to its reliable working. The throttle response got many positive reviews from customers. Buyers approve of its construction and the warranty of six years as well. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reliability of this system is what makes it another amazing addition to the list of our favorite exhausts. The exhaust gases have a lower EGT, making it easier for the engine to cool off and avoid any heat damage. 

Moreover, the exhaust system has a bolt-on installation, so anyone can install it without any issues. The Diamond’s Eye muffler has stainless steel construction, making it much more durable. 

There is better noise control, so drivers do not have to worry about any distractions. Its warranty makes the exhaust trustworthy to us and the clients as well. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this exhaust is that it is both efficient and long-lasting. The design does not have any obvious flaws and works well both on and off-road. So, your investment will be safe when it comes to this exhaust with its warranty policy. 

Best MBRP Duramax Exhaust:


  • Has a warranty of 3 years
  • Tips included in the package
  • Hangers have strong welding
  • Features 4-inch wide pipes of the system
  • 100% aluminized steel construction for the gauge


  • Works in moderate environmental conditions only

What Recent Buyers Report

This MBRP unit has gained the approval of everyone who bought and used it. The size of the pipes and their smooth finish have left their mark on buyers. This exhaust also provides a power boost, making it a huge hit among off-road drivers. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It has distinguished itself to us with its stunning smoothness and lasting strength of the frame. It can adjust according to the inner conditions of the Duramax engines really well. The size of four inches makes it a perfect match for people who want ultra-powerful performance. 

Furthermore, it has 100% aluminized steel construction, which promises a safe use for many years on end. The tips for exhaust are also included in the packaging, so there will be no extra expenditure. 

Bottom Line

All in all, this is a worthwhile investment with all the right angles and bends. The pipe has a regulated design with the least possible restrictions in the flow of fuel. So, you will enjoy its working for several years. 

Pros and Cons of Upgrading Your Exhaust

One of the essential performance upgrades you can make to your vehicle is an exhaust system. Adding a new exhaust to the engine means adding more power to it. Before making a final pick, it is extremely important to go through a research process. Let’s discuss some of the major pros and cons of upgrading your exhaust to help you make an informed decision.


There are multiple benefits associated with a brand new exhaust system. Listed below are a few of them.

Health Safety

An exhaust system is ideally designed to evacuate fumes from your vehicle. Since different types of gases are released from the vehicle from time to time, you need to keep a distance from them. A reliable exhaust system plays a vital role in helping you stay healthy.

Boost Performance

A great exhaust provides exceptional performance in reducing the backpressure. This reduction automatically results in low pressure on your vehicle's motor.

A reduced pressure does not only take the performance to the next level but also improves fuel economy. 

Better Sound

Nobody likes the irritating sound of the car. Upgrading your exhaust would make your vehicle sound sportier than ever. Your vehicle would have better sound from the engine, which ultimately adds on to your style game. 


While there is a never-ending list of advantages of a new exhaust, there are a few drawbacks as well. These include:


You can’t ignore the fact that the best exhaust would come at a price. Although there are tons of options available on the market, you might have to spend huge bucks to get your hands on the best one out there. 


Replacing your faulty exhaust with a new one would boost your vehicle’s performance to a great extent. The reliable Duramax exhausts enhance the peak power and raw, aggressive sound to meet your style standards. Hopefully, this buying guide has proved helpful and provided you with enough information to choose a good exhaust system for yourself. 

People Also Ask

Getting a brand new exhaust is always a great idea for louder sound and improved engine performance. You can always go for one of our recommendations according to your budget. However, some of you might still have confusion. Let’s clear it for you. Here, we have answered some common queries to help make an informed decision. 

Which is Better, a 4 or 5-Inch Exhaust?

Depending on the sound you want, you can either go for a four or five-inch exhaust. Both of them are exceptional in their own way. However, a five-inch exhaust has the edge over the other for its relatively larger surface area and flow capacity. This makes it better at dissipating heat as compared to a four-inch exhaust. 

What Does a Resonator Do on a Duramax?

A resonator is ideally designed to reduce the high-pitch sound coming from the turbocharger. Getting a resonator helps in absorbing turbo and irritating intake noise, which ultimately results in the quiet functioning of the vehicle. Moreover, a resonator can also be employed in order to make the tone of noise deeper and more attractive. 

Does DPF Back Exhaust Do Anything?

Yes, a DPF back exhaust is quite helpful in improving the flow rate and making the sound of the truck much more appealing. Some of you might not consider removing a muffler as it would leave an aggressively loud truck. However, there is nothing to worry about as the catalytic converter and DPF work great at filtering out most of the noise. 

How Can I Make My Duramax Whistle Louder?

You can use a number of methods to make your Duramax whistle louder. One of the cheapest ways is to remove the resonator. This would result in a high-pitched noise. Similarly, you can also go for a new cold air intake. Finally, the best of all these ways is installing an exhaust in your truck to enjoy a louder whistle.

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