Best Cold Air Intakes For 6.7 Powerstroke – 2021 Top Picks Reviewed

| Last Updated: December 25, 2021

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A driver is always looking for efficient options to get better mileage on their vehicles. A cold air intake is an answer to all the people looking for efficient fuel usage.

A cold air intake device is the oxygen tank for an engine. It draws in cooler air from the surrounding area and increases the efficiency of your engine.

With high ambient temperatures, engines start to detonate and lose power. The solution to this very issue is just a small cold air intake device. Here is all the information you will need to understand how these engines work in making your vehicle better.

Comparison of the Best Cold Air Intakes For 6.7 Powerstroke

  • Oil filter media is oversized
  • Mandrel-bent aluminum tubing has a mandrel-bent feature
  • Filter is reusable making it the best model from Sinister Diesel
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  • Larger air filter provides greater efficiency
  • Designed specially to avoid check engine lights
  • Easy removal and installation make it the runner up
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  • Affordable cost makes it the best for the money
  • Best makeover is ensured by the premium parts made of silicon
  • Robotic technology is used to configure the oil before its shipment
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  • Higher airflow make it the best K&N filter
  • K&N high flow and supreme air filter is used
  • Heat shield comes separately which ensures efficiency
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What is Cold Air Intake?

A cold air intake is a device that functions to increase the flow of cold air into your car's internal combustion engine. Cooler air is denser, which results in increased horsepower of the engine. In turn, the fuel efficiency rate goes up.

Cold Air Intake 75-5085

A cold air intake uses relatively smooth tubes to not only bring cold air into the combustion chamber but increases the airflow, ending the need for any cover to the air filter.

What to Look for When Buying a Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake helps your combustion engine to work at its best condition. In order to make the most efficient use of your vehicle, it's best to invest in one. Here are the features that will help you make this purchase.


A cold air intake is the cheapest of all the aftermarket systems, trying to make your engine efficient.

Instead of emptying your wallet, this only costs a few hundred dollars. For a device that works to increase your mileage and further saves you a couple of bucks, this is the best bargain.

Easy Installation

It requires only the basic tools such as a ratchet, pliers, and a screwdriver to install in your vehicle. Also, it won't take all weekend to install it, rather, just a couple of hours with your toolset and you will be done. While the installation process is easy, it also comes with a step-by-step detailed picture guide to help you install the cold air intake correctly into your vehicle.

Horsepower Gain

Even the simplest cold air intake device causes enough redirection of cold air into your combustion engine to increase your car's horsepower. This horsepower gain can vary from vehicle to vehicle and is based on your technique of use. But the gain in torque and horsepower provide an efficient system for your engine to increase mileage.

Smart Design

Stock tubes from your car's traditional airflow assembly are often small and restricted. A cold air intake has a larger diameter with smooth tubes to encourage better and stronger airflow. A straight tube or one with minimal bends gives you the best flow of air into your combustion engine, and a cold air intake is designed to achieve just that.

Review of the Best Cold Air Intakes For 6.7 Powerstroke

Cold air intake is the most potent and well-organized solution to the most common engine issues of all time. It is the easiest of all to install, and the best part is that you don't have to change it again and again. Once installed, you are done worrying about your engine. And even after increasing your engine efficiency by 99%, it only requires minimal service or cleaning.

Best Overall:
Sinister Diesel Cold Air Intake


  • Oil filter is reusable
  • Turbo spools are increased
  • Couplers are made with high-end silicon
  • Hardware is included and easy installation is ensured
  • Throttle of the engine is better than in other products


  • Slightly heavier than most other models
  • Needs to be paired with a tuner for the best possible response

What Recent Buyers Report

People have mixed reviews on this one, as this is not the most efficient system in the market to increase the cold air intake of your combustion engine. However, it was still reported to be useful for daily drivers who look for increased engine capacity and efficiency.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stood out to us for a number of reasons. These include reusable oil filters, increased throttle response, and turbo spool of the engine that it promises. It is also affordable, which adds to its appeal.

Who Will Use This Most

People who drive around town a lot and look for an easy and apt way to improve their engine response can use this product. Of course, it might not be the best product, but it does promise a decent performance.

Bottom Line

The Sinister Diesel Cold Air Intake is the cheapest when compared with its efficiency rates and is the best option for your daily use. But you must be aware of the fact that it requires service after a certain number of miles relative to your driving type.

Cold Air Intake 75-5104


  • Air filter is easily removable
  • Efficiency rating is more than 90%
  • 36.98% airflow improvement is ensured
  • Special auxiliary inlet helps to protect your engine
  • Airflow configurations are more than in ordinary models


  • Larger air filter adds to the cost
  • Airflow improvement is slightly less than some other products

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report it's a quality product that makes for a great engine boost while still making your engine bay look clean. This cold air intake reported the best airflow for optimal combustion environment, making users highly recommend it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

From a technical standpoint, the added auxiliary inlet which makes your engine more protected is what stands out. In addition, the easily removable filter is the second stand-out point of this product, which makes it different than the others.

Who Will Use This Most

People looking for a decent-looking option to boost their engine performance with minimal help to install the product would love this cold air intake. Moreover, since it has a larger filter, it also works well for people working in harsh conditions.

Bottom Line

The bottom line for this is that the removable air filter option makes this product worth your money. This, combined with its affordable cost and greater mileage, makes it our runner-up product.

Best for the Money:
S&B Filters 75-5104


  • Higher airflow and greater efficiency rate
  • Dry, extendable and cotton cleanable feature
  • Enhanced tuning is used to avoid the check engine light
  • Enclosure is custom-built, which helps to keep out the engine heat
  • Airflow and the efficiency rate are tested with the ISO 5011 standards


  • Cost is slightly higher
  • Efficiency rate is slightly less than the other products

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers reported a 99% efficiency rate in their vehicles with increased airflow, and hence, a better result for the drivers was seen. They liked this airflow intake because of its silicone air filters, which last longer and make for a great look under the hood.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The custom-built enclosure which keeps the unwanted heat and debris out of the way was the quality that stood out to us the most. Its cost is relatively lower too, which is another added plus.

Who Will Use This Most

This cold air intake is most useful for people who are always on the road and make the most of their engines. It is also best suited for people looking for an easier and cheaper option.

Bottom Line

Considering all the features, this product is useful for almost all vehicle owners who are looking for a boost in their mileage with minimum work. Moreover, it makes for a cheaper option and is a great investment.

4. K&N Filters 63-2597 Air Intake System


  • Higher strength makes it more durable
  • Can be installed with easily available tools
  • Engine sounds and efficiency improves with time
  • Heat shield is to be specially installed into the airbox space
  • Designed with a large air filter to achieve the best throttle response


  • Air filter is oversized
  • Not legal in all U.S. states
  • Lasts only limited miles before the service

What Recent Buyers Report

The customers reported it to be a durable product that comes with higher strength. If you take care of it and maintain it properly, it is sure to give you the best possible results.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because of its increased throttle response and reduced engine sounds compared to other products. Moreover, the airflow is comparatively better than most other products, making it better than others on the market.

Who Will Use This Most

Customers who can maintain it well will get the most advantage out of it. However, it requires service after a specific number of miles, hence, only people who can regularly care for it will get the best results out of it.

Bottom Line

In our opinion, this might be a product for everyone looking to improve their car's performance. Anyone who is not into rash driving or is a racer can maintain and use this product aptly.

5. Cold Air Intake 75-5085


  • Street legal in all the U.S. states
  • Minimal bends allow for maximum airflow
  • Stock is calibrated to avoid any check engine lights
  • Clear lid and the silicone parts make a very good look
  • Higher airflow improvement and an even higher efficiency rating


  • Cost is high relative to other products
  • Sound increase always happens in the vehicle

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers loved this product, particularly because of its efficiency and airflow improvement. In high or low temperatures and even in a dusty environment, Cold Air Intake 75-5085 increased the fuel efficiency of the car.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most important features we felt took the edge for the Cold Air Intake are the easy step-by-step installation process and the price of the product. The clear lid and silicone parts make it look great under the hood of your vehicle.

Who Will Use This Most

The Cold Air Intake 75-5085 is the best one of all to be used by people who want high-end savings and an excellent cooling system. It can definitely be used by truck drivers and rally racers to improve their combustion engines. It also best served daily drivers.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this one is that this is the best system in the market to increase the horsepower and achieve a better torque on your vehicle. And comparing it to the other products, it gives you the best result on a minimal budget.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Here are the aspects you need to consider if you are looking to buy a cold air intake.


Before buying a cold air intake, you have to consider a design specific to your vehicle demand. Most manufacturers make models specific to some vehicles, so before purchasing, make sure you check that the design aligns with your model needs.

Heat-Resistant Material

The material for the cold air intake system makes all the difference, as the product ensures removing hot air and increased airflow. Therefore, it's best to look for a system made of a heat-resistant material. A heat-resistant material will only increase the efficiency and reduce your tension of disruption in your vehicle's combustion to a minimum.

Intake Tubes

The airflow is maximum and uninterrupted in straight tubes and in turn, is the aptest for airflow. The most efficient cold air intake is ensured by straight tubes, so look for systems that have the fewest bends.

Protection From Water and Debris

A cold air intake system sucks in air from your environment into the internal combustion engine space, so apt protection from debris and water is important for the perfect functioning of your car's combustion engine system. The last thing you need to worry about it is the debris clogging up or water sucking into your system. So, look for an apt protection system in your cold air intake system.

Service Options

Everyone procrastinates a bit when it comes to taking your car for service, so look for a cold air intake system that requires minimal service to maintain quality airflow and efficiency. Most of the systems require minimal cleaning and service even after a long time of use.

How to Install a Cold Air Intake

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install your cold air intake device in your car with detailed steps on first how to remove your car's old built-in stock airbox system. 

Shutting the Engine Down and Disconnecting Parts.

  • Shut down your engine and engage your parking brake. 
  • Disconnect the negative terminals on both batteries.
  • Disconnect the harness clip-on mass airflow sensor and pull out the locking tab.

Removal of Specific Parts

  • The mass airflow sensor.
  • The stock intake cover by slightly loosening the clamp and then removing the four clips inside from the box.
  • The bolt that secures down the stock intake and loosens the clamp on the turbo inlet.
  • The hoses of the stock intake cover.
  • The intake tube by pulling away from the turbo inlet and turning it down and then removing it.


  • S&B silicone tube seal into the airbox.
  • Place the foam piece on the airbox and secure it with a retainer using the provided hardware (it helps protect diesel runaway).
  • Set the rubber washer on top of the battery tray.
  • Install the box into your vehicle, making sure the prongs are all the way into the grommets.

Final Instructions

  • Put the positive cable back on the battery.
  • Install the coupler on the S&B tube and put the clamps down.
  • Install S&B intake tube on the vehicle, slide down the coupler, and tighten the clamps.
  • Slide the mass airflow sensor from your stock airbox (remove it with the help of t20 torx) into the gas kit of your S&B airbox tube.
  • Install the air filter into the airbox and secure it with a clamp.
  • Install the clear lid on the airbox (Tip: don't forget to push the lid seal into the groove)


Cold air intake systems are designed to increase the airflow of dense and clean air into the system to increase the efficiency of your standard engine. These aftermarket airflow devices increase the horsepower, throttle response, and torque to improve the mileage of your vehicles.

People Also Ask

Here, we have answered all of your queries related to your cold air intake systems.

Do Cold Air Intakes Make a Difference?

Yes, cold air intake systems increase the airflow, which stops your engine from heating up and detonating, which results in an efficient system allowing fuel to combust at a lower temperature.

How Much Power Does a Cold Air Intake Add?

Using a cold air intake system adds approximately 5 to 15 horsepower, however, this amount increases or decreases based on your product and how you use it. 

Can a Cold Air Intake Damage Your Engine?

No, the cold air intake does not damage your engine; rather, it helps it function efficiently. Experts believe that the system on which cold air intake operates by lowering the temperature of the engine actually makes it work better in hotter temperatures.

Does Cold Air Intake Make Noise?

Some designs of cold air intake make noise, but it really differs according to the model of your car and the model of the cold air intake you own. Some people like the limited noises that a cold air intake generates. But it has been reported that it creates more loud noise outside the vehicle than inside.

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