Best Tuners For 7.3L Powerstrokes (1994 – 2003 Models)

| Last Updated: December 24, 2021

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7.3L Powerstrokes are classic, high performance engines for Ford trucks. But did you know you can make this engine even more powerful and efficient with a new tuner? Read on to learn about how tuners can revolutionize the truck engine game forever.

Comparison of the Best 7.3L Powerstroke Tuners (1994 – 2003 Models)

  • Can easily even out the truck’s speed and torque
  • Walks the fine line between safety and power gains
  • Maintains an increase in truck power, even while going uphill
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  • Directions are simple and easy to follow
  • Dash mounted knob operation is easy to use
  • Will create a significant, noticeable improvement in shifting
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  • Great for monitoring truck vitals on long trips
  • Durable, will last for years with high performance
  • Can enhance the towing performance on your truck
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  • Produces noticeable miles per gallon gains
  • “High Idle” setting allows for quick engine warming
  • Settings can be switched even while the vehicle is in operation
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What Years Fall Under 7.3 Powerstroke?

Ford put 7.3 Powerstroke model engines into many of its different model year trucks, and it is tuners compatible with these engine types that are evaluated in this article. Ford was putting one specific type of 7.3 Powerstroke engine into its trucks from 1994 until 1997, and then adjusted to a new type of 7.3 Powerstroke engine a few years after not using 7.3 Powerstrokes at all. These new model engines were produced starting in 1999, and Ford continued to utilize these engines in models up until 2003.

Does a 7.3 Powerstroke Need a Tuner?

Well, “need” can be a pretty strong word. Of course your Ford’s 7.3 Powerstroke engine will operate just fine without a tuner, although it is worth pointing out that 7.3 Powerstrokes are pretty old as far as engines go, and repairs can be pretty costly. Maximizing your 7.3 Powerstroke’s capabilities and efficiencies with a tuner can help save you thousands of dollars in diagnosing and fixing an engine. So “need” is probably a flexible term…up to a certain point.

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How to Choose a 7.3 Powerstroke Tuner

There are a number of important qualities to keep in mind when buying a 7.3 Powerstroke tuner:

Fuel Economy

If you find a tuner that can significantly improve your truck’s fuel efficiency, that tuner will pay for itself in next to no time. The only bad thing about driving a truck is their terrible gas mileage – any device that can improve on that will be worth its weight in gold.


It’s true that driving an older vehicle, with an older engine, runs certain safety risks that you just will not encounter with a newer model. Having a good tuner present to monitor all of your truck’s engine’s vitals will help to mitigate those risks. You will likely be able to catch a problem with your truck before that problem starts actually impacting your ability to drive the truck safely for you and your passengers.

Improved Performance

I mean, this is the whole reason you are buying a tuner, right? You want to make sure you find yourself a tuner that is going to have a noticeable impact on your truck’s performance, whether that is its ability to tow another vehicle or its ability to maintain its speed while racing up hills. What is the point of a tuner that will not actually help out your truck?

Review of the Best 7.3 Powerstroke Tuners

Think about what you are specifically looking for when it comes to your 7.3 Powerstroke engine – and then check out these awesome tuner options:

Best Overall:
Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner


  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Installation process is quick and easy
  • Bully Dog provides good customer service
  • Provides a good balance between noticeable power gains and safety


  • You will need to call the Bully Dog tech team in order to initially activate this tuner

The Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner uses a connection to your truck’s unlock cable in order to unleash the full, unbridled power inherent in your truck’s 7.3 Powerstroke engine. This power can provide a number of unexpected benefits, including an evening out between your vehicle’s speed and your vehicle’s torque – always a bonus.

Additionally, power maximizing also contributes to fuel efficiency maximizing. How does an additional four miles per gallon sound to you? Sounds like any device that could make that happen would quickly pay for itself, right?

The Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner has made that exact situation happen with other users and will certainly be able to replicate such fuel efficiency with your truck as well. Plus, say goodbye to your truck always downshifting when it is going uphill – maintaining its speed will be a breeze with the Bully Dog GT there to assist.

Bottom Line

The Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner will be able to unleash power from your truck you never realized it was even capable of – with increased fuel efficiency to boot. When you first use this tuner, you will need to call Bully Dog in order to get it up and running, but in the long run, that is a slight inconvenience when compared with a four miles per gallon increase in fuel efficiency!

Best for the Money:
Edge Revolver Six Position Chip


  • Helps out with towing
  • Boosts engine’s power
  • Can produce gains of up to 150 horsepower
  • Simple operation using a dash mounted knob
  • Shifting will become significantly easier when using this tuner


  • Not as “high tech” as other tuners available

The Edge Revolver Six Position Chip is probably the simplest tuner and the easiest one to use on the entire tuner market today. It comes with six different preset power levels, and shifting from one level to the next is as easy as shifting your truck from drive to reverse – with a knob mounted right there on the dashboard.

The power levels include Stock, High Idle, 50 Horsepower, 75 Horsepower, 100 Horsepower, and 150 Horsepower. You can shift between the six levels depending on what you want your truck to do – whether that is tow a heavy vehicle behind it or burn some rubber underneath your tires! It is not complicated to install and if you are having some trouble with initial operation, never fear: the included directions are incredibly simple.

Bottom Line

The Edge Revolver Six Position Chip is a great tuner that is incredibly easy to install, to operate, and to shift between its six different power levels. It is a little less technology based than other tuners, but with its levels of effectiveness, who could be bothered by that?

Best Monitor Only:
Edge Insight CTS3


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  •  Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Comprehensive


  • The tuner does not start up right when the vehicle starts up

Got something you want to keep track of on your truck? The Edge Insight CTS3 has got you! There is not much this tuner is not able to monitor for you. It can keep track of your transmission, your injector balances, your exhaust, your engine performance, your fuel rail pressure – you want it, and the Edge Insight CTS3 has got the data on it.

This feature means the CTS3 is pretty much the perfect tuner for anyone who anticipates regularly putting their truck into high pressure situations such as towing or hauling heavy loads up and down mountains (hey, someone has got to help film those crazy truck commercials). And do not think that just because the CTS3 provides a ton of information that it is difficult to read or interact with in any way – far from it! This is one of the simplest and easily read tuners on the market.

Bottom Line

Data drives every decision people make – and you will know pretty much all of the data you could ever need to know about your truck with the Edge Insight CTS3. Keep in mind that you will likely need to wait a few minutes between starting your car and the tuner starting up, though.

4. TS Performance Switchable 6 Position Chip


  • Simple to install and to operate
  • Produces noticeable power gains
  • Produces noticeable miles per gallon gains
  • Can boost your engine up to 140 horsepower
  • You can switch the settings while the vehicle is in operation


  • Cannot be customized as much as some of the other tuners on the market

The TS Performance Switchable 6 Position Chip can turn your truck into a monster! If you are looking for some rear wheel power gains, you will not be able to find a tuner more efficient or more effective than the TS Performance Chip. It comes with six different tuner settings, including a “High Idle” setting that makes your engine warm up super quickly for enhanced safety and efficiency when driving in colder weather.

The top setting will boost your engine’s power by a full 140 horsepower! It is difficult to find a tuner more effective than that. Best of all, with the smoothness of the shifting settings provided by this tuner, you can even switch between different tune settings while your vehicle is moving. Want to kick your driving up a notch? Simply turn the TS Performance Chip’s knob.

Bottom Line

The TS Performance Switchable 6 Position Chip is an ideal tuner for anyone looking to boost their rear wheel power gains on their truck. Just keep in mind that you will not be able to customize this tuner as much as some of the other tuners you can find.

Pros and Cons of 7.3 Powerstroke Tuners

Still undecided? Check out these pros and cons of 7.3 Powerstroke tuners:


The most obvious pros of 7.3 Powerstroke tuners are as follows:

Overall Enhanced Performance

Tuners will simply make your truck work better – there is no more efficient way to put it.

Ease of Operation

With today’s technology (or even with an old fashioned knob adjuster tuner), tuners are more easy to operate than ever before.

Ability to Monitor Truck Vitals

7.3 engines are old – there is just no getting around that. Tuners are helpful in monitoring your engine to extend its life and save you some replacement and repair costs.




It is true that the more stuff you put into your truck, the more stuff there is that could potentially break down. However, tuner companies are usually wonderful support systems for any issues you may have with your tuner.


Tuners are pretty expensive. But when you weigh the benefits against the cost, it is always more worthwhile to get a tuner if you are serious about taking care of your truck.


Tuners are the way to go for a 7.3 Powerstroke Ford engine. Make sure you find yourself a tuner that specifically fits the needs of you and your truck, and you will certainly never look back. You can’t go wrong with any of the tuners here on this list!

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