Best Air Filters For 6.7L Cummins (1994 – 2018)

| Last Updated: December 24, 2021

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If you have tried everything imaginable to take your truck’s power to the next level and nothing is working, you should consider investing in an air filter. Air filters can clear your engine of contaminants and give it new life – you will be surprised at the difference an air filter can make for your car! Read on to learn more about these awesome products.

Comparison of the Best 6.7L Cummins Air Filters

  • Well built and made of high quality material
  • Washable filters do not ever need to be replaced
  • Comes with an included clamp for an easy install
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  • Can be combined with a cool hose system
  • Made of soft rubber to provide a smooth fit
  • Increases overall surface area of filtration system
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  • Will not get clogged with dust easily
  • Provides a noticeable boost in miles per gallon
  • Construction is well designed and material is high quality
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  • Durable, will last for years and years
  • Comes with excellent instructions for cleaning
  • Increases fuel economy by up to two miles per gallon
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Benefits of Investing in a Quality Air Filter

If you are going to go with an air filtration system for your car, it should be a quality one. Here’s why:

Improved Throttle Response

High quality air filters will allow for your stock box to pull in more cool air, which will allow for a much faster throttle response. If you are sick and tired of your truck having some drag, a well-designed air filter which fix that situation right up.

Increased Fuel Economy

It may sound paradoxical, but one of the most immediate impacts of the improved throttle response as mentioned above is a boost in miles per gallon as well. And with a truck that is not exactly known for its fuel efficiency, any conserving of MPGs can make a big difference for your wallet.

Smoothing of Engine

A high quality air filter will be able to catch almost 100% of all contaminants that are plugging up your engine system, and ensure that these materials do not become a bigger problem over time. If you are balking at the cost of an air filter, think about the maintenance costs you will save by making your engine run so much more smoothly.

How to Choose an Air Filter

The following are some of the most important qualities to keep in mind when you are choosing an air filter:

Replacement System

Are you looking for an air filter you can just install and then forget about? Or are you looking to be a bit more hands-on with your truck and choose a system that you will have to switch out every once in a while? Keep in mind what would work best for you as you choose between replaceable and permanent filtration systems.


Whether you are choosing a model that you will eventually need to swap out, or one that will last your truck’s lifetime, you definitely need a system that will last for its expected usage time and not wear down unexpectedly. Check our list to see which filters will go the distance for you and your truck.

Ease of Use

Truck maintenance can be pretty intimidating, and if you are going to go with the DIY installation of these filters, you definitely want some that are easy to use. We have compiled a list of some of the most accessible air filters available – read on to learn more!

Review of the Best 6.7L Cummins Air Filters

Now that you know a little bit more about what to look for in a filtration system, let’s check out some actual products!

1. S&B Filters Replacement Filters for S&B Cold Air Intake System (1994 – 2010)


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with an included clamp
  • S&B provides good customer service


  • Fit can be a little tight

The S&B Filters Replacement Filters for S&B Cold Air Intake System are excellent filters that will make your 6.7 Cummins engine run more efficiently and reduce any lag. You have two options when you purchase this filter: you can get the dry disposable version, which typically last up to 15,000 miles, or the washable version, which hypothetically could last for the rest of your truck’s life unless they become damaged, which is rare.

If you choose to go with the washable version, you will never need to worry about changing out your filtration system again. And whatever version you choose to go with, rest easy that when you go with an S&B filter, you are going with a high quality product. These filters are well designed and made of strong material that will not suffer wear and tear.

Plus, if you do choose to go with the dry disposable version and change out your filter every 15,000 miles, you do not have to stress about going through a complicated and laborious filter change process. The S&B system is quick and easy to install.

Bottom Line

The S&B Filters Replacement Filters for S&B Cold Air Intake System are top notch filters that will last you a long time, even if you choose to go with the dry disposable version. The only issue users found with them is that sometimes the fit on their engine was on the tight side.

2. AEM DryFlow Air Filter (2003 – 2012)


  • Well designed
  • Will improve flow
  • Can increase miles per gallon
  • Reusable and will last a lifetime
  • Soft rubber makes for a smooth fit


  • Rubber can peel off easily, so needs to be handled carefully

The AEM DryFlow Air Filter is an excellent filter that will boost many performance aspects of your 6.7 Cummins engine. It increases the overall surface area of the filtration system, and can easily be combined with a cool hose to upgrade a stock airbox situation.

Once you have that system set up, you will reap a number of benefits, including increased horsepower and torque. And forget about constant maintenance for this filter system – the AEM DryFlow is so named specifically because it does not use any oil, so you will never have to worry about overly oiling your filter system again.

It is an effective filter overall, catching 99% of contaminants that may harm your engine. And best of all, AEM provides a lifetime guarantee: either their filter will last as long as your car does, or they will give you your money back. It is difficult to beat that!

Bottom Line

The AEM DryFlow Air Filter is a top notch air filter that will improve multiple aspects of your vehicle’s functioning. Just be careful when installing it – the rubber flakes off easily.

3. S&B Filters Replacement Filters (2010 – 2012)


  • Construction is heavy duty
  • Does not clog up with dust
  • Creates better fuel economy
  • S&B provides good customer service


  • Can be a little difficult to install

The S&B Filters Replacement Filters are a great filtration system that will never go wrong for your vehicle. They are well made of high quality, heavy duty material that you know you will be able to rely on. And if you are worried about potentially damaging your filter while oiling it, never fear.

S&B filters come with extremely detailed oiling instructions so that you will always know exactly how much oil to use when servicing your filter. Kiss the most stressful part of truck engine maintenance goodbye forever!

This situation is applicable for both the dry disposable version of these filters, which are designed to last you up to 15,000 miles before needing to be switched out, and the washable version of this filter, which can be cleaned whenever necessary and has a million mile warranty (AKA, the washable filter is designed to be used for the rest of your vehicle’s life!). There really is not much to complain about when it comes to using the S&B Filters Replacement Filters.

Bottom Line

The S&B Filters Replacement Filters are a wonderful filtration system that you can consistently rely on to perform well for you and your vehicle’s engine. They can be a bit of a hassle to install, but the time and money you will save with this efficient filtration system is well worth any initial annoyance.

4. AFE Pro Guard 7 Stock Replacement Air Filter (2003 – 2018)


  • Durable
  • Boosts fuel economy
  • Made of high quality material
  • AFE provides good customer service
  • Included cleaning instructions are top notch


  • Can be difficult to make it fit
  • Cleaning kit needs to be purchased separately

The AFE Pro Guard 7 Stock Replacement Air Filter is a great filter that will take your 6.7 Cummins engine to the next level. Users report that this filter is excellent for allowing your stock box to pull in more cool air, which will improve your truck’s throttle response by an amount that is immediately noticeable. And if having a more powerful truck that can rev up a lot louder is not enough reason for you to go with this filter, how does an additional two miles per gallon of gasoline sound? That is right, this filter will not just make your truck more powerful, it will also save you some gas costs!

We realize two miles per gallon may not sound like much, but trust us, that certainly adds up over time when you are driving a vehicle that is not exactly known for its fuel efficiency. If you are looking for a filter that can help unleash your truck’s hidden power, you have got to go with the AFE Pro Guard 7 Stock Replacement Air Filter.

Bottom Line

The AFE Pro Guard 7 Stock Replacement Air Filter is a fantastic air filter that will improve your truck in a variety of different ways. Just keep in mind that the cleaning kit is not included, so you will have to make an additional purchase in order to properly maintenance this filter.

How to Clean an Air Filter

If you are going to try and clean your own air filter, you should definitely invest in a cleaning kit that is designed for your specific filter – many are sold alongside the products we have listed above. Most filters are easily cleaned using compressed air, which you simply push through the filter from its clean side, forcing out any dirt so you can then vacuum it up. If your filter has become clogged with soot, it might be better to soak it with special detergent, often available in those same cleaning kits. Remember, if you are going with this method, you should still try to clean it with compressed air first and soaking should only be a last resort.


Air filters can increase the horsepower on your 6.7 Cummins engine, as well as its torque, its throttle response, and its fuel efficiency. Plus, they will make your engine just run more smoothly overall. There really is not much an air filter will not be able to do for your car – so what are you waiting for? Go invest in an awesome air filter from our list today!    

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