Best Clutch For Dodge Cummins (1994-2018) – Review (2021)

| Last Updated: December 24, 2021

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Let’s say you are interested in boosting your truck’s power, but not by a huge amount. Have you ever considered upgrading your truck’s clutch? Clutches can make a big difference in your truck’s functioning. Read on to learn more about these awesome products.

Comparison of the Best Dodge Cummins Clutches

  • Works great when truck is towing heavy loads
  • Boosts pedal pressure to slightly above stock
  • Can improve gas mileage by two miles per gallon
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  • Pedal is adjustable and easy to operate
  • Easy to install, parts are clearly marked
  • Clutch can handle up to 850 horsepower
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  • Durable, will last your truck a long time
  • Clutch has a nice smooth shifting system
  • Clutch can handle towing heavy loads every day
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  • Comes with a heavy duty spring hub
  • Clutch can handle up to 400 horsepower
  • Facings are made from high quality, premium brass
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  • Will be able to handle up to 650 horsepower
  • Awesome clutch for everyday driving and towing
  • Comes with everything you will need for installation
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How to Choose a Dodge Cummins Clutch

There are a number of factors you should take into account when choosing a clutch for your Dodge Cummins:


Good clutches can open your truck up and help it access some of its hidden power reserves, but you also want to make sure the clutch can then handle your truck’s increased power. It would be incredibly frustrating to invest in a clutch and then have it unexpectedly burn out. Make sure you find a clutch that works for how powerful you want your truck to run.


It is not really worth it to take the time to install a clutch that will upgrade your truck’s power if it is a massive pain in the rear end to shift. Go with a clutch that will not stick and will actually improve your truck’s shifting capacity, not complicate it.


This quality is really up to each individual truck driver. Some drivers enjoy a truck that is as loud as possible and will announce their presence as the king (or queen) of the road. Some users are annoyed by a large amount of noise. Every person is different and every clutch is different, so choose a clutch that will match your own preferred driving style.

Types of Clutch Materials

When shopping for clutches, you may be surprised at some of the terminology used to describe clutch materials. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common terms and what they actually mean:


Ceramic clutches are definitely not types of pottery – do not panic! These clutches are in fact made from a mixture of many different kinds of metals, including bronze, tin, iron, copper, and graphite. Because of their metallic composition, these clutches can handle extremely high temperatures and as a result are better for performance use.


Organic? Organic?? Clutches should not be made of plants! Never fear – when you see the word “organic” to describe a clutch system, that just means the clutch is made from something called “phenolic resin,” which is a mixture of compounded rubber with either metal oxides or metallic power. These are the most common clutch materials and are often on the cheaper side.  


All right, you may just give up when you hear this one – what the heck does feramic mean? Feramic is another variation of a clutch designed for racing, but unlike the ceramic clutches, these clutches have a higher ratio of static to dynamic. These are some of the highest quality clutches you can buy.  

Review of the Best Clutch for Dodge Cummins

Now that you have a better sense of clutch qualities, here are some actual products:

1. South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit (2005.5 – 2018)


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Well crafted
  • Easy to install
  • South Bend provides good customer service


  • Heavy
  • On the louder side

The South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit is a fantastic clutch that will really take your truck to the next level. If you are using your truck in any way that is upgraded or above stock, you definitely need this clutch. Users who use their truck for work or heavy towing report that this clutch is excellent for giving their trucks that little extra bit of a power boost.

Additionally, this is an awesome clutch to use in combination with a tuner that is already working to increase your truck’s available power. And as we all know, access to increased power means increased efficiency, which you will definitely see with this little guy – the South Bend clutch can improve your truck’s overall gas mileage by up to two miles per gallon! Not bad, when you are driving one of the biggest gas guzzlers available on the market.

Bottom Line

The South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit is an awesome clutch choice that will improve your truck in a variety of ways. Just know that it will likely increase the noise your truck produces.

2. Valair Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch Kit (2005.5 – 2018)


  • Great for towing
  • Handles power well
  • Adjustable pedal is simple to operate
  • Valair provides good customer service
  • Different parts are clearly marked for an easy installation process


  • Loud
  • Sometimes has a struggle with disengaging, which can be concerning when driving in traffic

The Valair Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch Kit is an amazing clutch kit that will blow you away with the amount of power it can handle. Say goodbye to the days of worrying about burning your clutch out! This baby can hold up to 850 horsepower without getting jerky or shuddering. And do not think that only applies when you are revving your truck just for fun – the Valair clutch can definitely put in some solid work too!

Users report that this clutch still works great even when your truck is hauling 18,000 lbs. at 500 horsepower. You can’t really find a clutch that is more impressive than that. Whether your truck is still at the stock level or you have implemented some modifications to really help it unleash its power, there is not much the Valair Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch Kit will not be able to do for you.

Bottom Line

The Valair Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch Kit is an awesome clutch option that can handle pretty much whatever amount of power you throw at it. It can sometimes be difficult to disengage, though.

3. Valair Spring Hub Dual Disc Kit (2000 – 2005)


  • Quiet
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Shifts smoothly
  • Good for towing


  • Some kits arrive without bolts

The Valair Spring Hub Dual Disc Kit is a great clutch for those users that are looking for something to handle regular towing of heavy loads. It can be difficult to find parts for a truck that will take a lot of abuse, such as a work truck that is expected to tow a trailer every day. But the Valair Dual Disc Kit is up to the challenge!

Users report this kit can tow heavy loads almost constantly and not produce any wear or tear. And even if you are not planning on using this clutch for heavy towing, it can still do a lot for your truck. It is an excellent clutch for someone who wants increased power to their truck’s engine, yet still wants their truck to be drivable and good for everyday street transportation. If you are looking for a top notch towing clutch, you have to go with the Valair Spring Hub Dual Disc Kit.

Bottom Line

The Valair Spring Hub Dual Disc Kit is a fantastic clutch kit, particularly if you are looking for a kit that can stand up to heavy towing. You may need to send for bolts separately, though.

4. Valair 13” x 1.25” Premium Stock Organic Replacement Clutch Kit with HD Spring Hub (1994 – 2002)


  • Strong
  • Fits well
  • Produces smooth shifting
  • Valair provides good customer service
  • Has high quality, premium brass facings


  • Can stutter a bit when moving forward from a stop

The Valair 13” x 1.25” Premium Stock Organic Replacement Clutch Kit with HD Spring Hub takes your average clutch upgrade system to the next level. It is able to increase holding power through a very simple mechanism – it has a larger surface area (note the 13” in the product name!). This allows the Valair Premium to handle up to 400 horsepower, a process that is enhanced by its heavy duty spring hub as well. This is a fantastic upgrade from a stock clutch that will not cause any abrupt changes in the handling of your truck, so it will still be able to hold up to your typical everyday driving (just with some increased power!).

Bottom Line

The Valair 13” x 1.25” Premium Stock Organic Replacement Clutch Kit with HS Spring Hub is a top notch clutch that is great for someone that is looking to upgrade from their stock clutch but not go too far. Keep in mind that this clutch may be a bit jerky when moving forward from a stop. 

5. South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit (2000 – 2005)


  • Durable
  • Produces smooth shifting
  • Can handle up to 650 horsepower
  • Easy to install – users report it will take no longer than two hours
  • South Bend is well known for providing high quality products, so you can trust their clutch kits


  • Does not include hydraulics
  • Pedal can be hard to push with this clutch

If you have a truck that is a bit on the older side, you are going to want to go with this version of the South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit. It is a great clutch for everyday driving, including towing, with a little bit of enhanced power.

It is also easy to install, which is important on older trucks that may be a little stickier to wrestle with. It comes with everything you could need for installation, including an alignment tool, a clutch fork, a pilot bearing, a flywheel, pressure plate bolts, and a throwout bearing. If you are looking for a simple clutch to wake your truck up, you have to go with the South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit.

Bottom Line

The South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit is a top notch clutch for everyday driving with increased power. The pedal can be a little sticky, though.


Clutches can be an ideal option for someone who is interested in boosting their truck’s power, but still wants to be able to use it for everyday driving and towing. All of the clutches featured here on our list will up your truck game – you just have to choose which one would work best for you and your truck’s needs.        

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