Best Duramax Exhaust Tips of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: December 25, 2021

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Duramax is a family of diesel engines made for trucks. Engines are designed differently depending on what vehicle they will be used in. 

The Duramax engine itself is durable and efficient, but as a car enthusiast, you search for accessories that best compliment your vehicle, and a good exhaust system can produce a noticeable change in performance.  

Before we get into the best Duramax exhaust tips, let’s see what makes them the best and how you know you need a new one. 

Comparison of the Best Duramax Exhaust Tips

  • Ceramic coated to provide added protection
  • Made from high-quality materials for durability
  • Very easy to install on your vehicle
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  • Can be used for a variety of models
  • Provides added protection for existing exhaust
  • It is made from strong stainless steel materials
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  • Best for the Money
  • Rolled edge and 45 degree cut for enhanced look
  • Quite easy to install on your vehicle
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  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Manufactured with high class craftsmanship
  • Comes with a high gloss finish to improve the overall looks
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What is an Exhaust Tip? 

Exhaust tips are part of the exhaust system of a car. They go at the end of the exhaust pipe as its “tip.” There are six different types, depending on the angle, layers, insulation, etc. It plays a secondary role in the entire exhaust system and mainly serves the purpose of aesthetics and sound. 

The design and look are the major things a buyer looks for in this particular case. The diameters of the tips also vary. Large tips produce a more throaty sound, while smaller ones are raspier.   

What Do Exhaust Tips Do For Trucks? 

As part of the exhaust system, the tips serve the purpose of removing gases from the engine. The major roles it fulfills in the system are:


Exhaust tips are some of the cheapest and easiest-to-install parts of the engine. Therefore, they are very popular and in demand. But their actual role is limited. The main job is sound. The shape and diameter of the tip greatly affect the revving sound of the engine. You can change the sound to what you like, i.e., increase it or reduce it by choosing your preference dimension.


After the sound, this is the major use of an exhaust tip. Because aesthetics is one of the top considerations, you will find many shapes and colors in the market. They are chrome-plated, polished, black, and stainless steel. Some are even lighted and have patterns on them. The shapes also vary like rectangular, circular, and oval, etc.  

Removing Gases 

Although this is not the major function, the tip's diameter does affect the flow of gases. A tip that is too small will hinder the exhaust gases flowing outside, while a wider tip will facilitate them.   

When is it Time to Replace My Duramax Exhaust Tips? 

Exhaust tips are generally pretty durable, but once in a while, you need to replace them. This can be for several reasons, but one major point is the gases they come in constant contact with. After some time, especially if not properly cleaned, the gases will leave a residue inside the tip. This can result in increased pollution as well.

You should inspect your exhaust tip, and if it is too far gone to be cleaned, then purchase a new one. Another thing that indicates a time for change is its inability to produce the right sound.  

Review of the Best Duramax Exhaust Tips

Duramax is a relatively new engine. It came out in 2001 and has since then seen many improvements and has stood the test of time. It is one of the most popular engines for trucks and has great fuel economy. 

For such an engine, the complementary parts should also be top-notch. These are some of the best Duramax exhaust tips on the market.    

Best Overall:
Sinister Diesel Black Ceramic Exhaust Tip


  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Very simple installation
  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Both four and five-inch options available
  • Black ceramic coating protects against scratches


  • Single wall construction

What Recent Buyers Report

This tip gives a very cool finish to your car and is very reasonably priced. Although some users report paint chipping issues, they love that it is durable and sturdy. The installation is also simple enough for any novice to do. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The product is made from 304 stainless steel. This type of stainless steel has high chromium and nickel content, making it corrosion-resistant. It comes in both four and five-inch options so it will fit all Duramax tailpipes. 

To finish it off and give it a cool look, it has a black ceramic coating. Ceramic protects the product from getting dirty and gives it a glossy look. In the end, it also has a lifetime replacement warranty from the Sinister Diesel Company, so any defects will be taken care of.  

Bottom Line

This is our top pick for exhaust tips because it gives you variety in sizes and is very reasonably priced. With its simple bolt-in installation, it becomes a user favorite. It doesn’t just go with Duramax but also Powerstroke and Dodge Ram Cummins, making it versatile.    

AUTOSAVER88 Universal Exhaust Tip


  • Very easy installation
  • Features a matte black finish
  • Has an angled cut that gives a deeper sound tone
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and corrosion resistance


  • Only available in the 4-inch size

What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, an angled cut at the front end of this exhaust pipe gives it a more classic look. Its paint job is very high-quality and durable. It is a big pipe, and it definitely makes your car stand out, among others. It offers a good upgrade at a low price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our runner-up exhaust tip has a four-inch diameter at the tailpipe end, and it increases to six-inch at the other end. The total length is 15-inches. Overall, it is a very big pipe that stands out due to its black paint finish and angled cut (105°).

It protects the original tailpipe from damage by environmental factors such as the sun and rain. No welding pr drills are needed to install it; rather, you just tighten the bolt at the smaller end, and you are good to go. The installation instructions are given with it, which is a simple three-step process.

Bottom Line

All in all, the black tailpipe is a classic look that you cannot beat, and this product tops it off with an angled cut and rolled edge. Considering the look and quality it brings, the price is well worth it.

Best for the Money:
Upower Universal Exhaust Tip


  • Installation is very simple
  • High-quality and durable
  • Chrome-plated stainless steel construction
  • Resistant to alkali solutions and most acids
  • Mirror polished finishing makes it smooth and shiny


  • Does not fit the newer Dodge Ram models

What Recent Buyers Report

Users state that the mirror finishing gives it a different look and compliments diesel trucks. The design is simple but well made and very reasonably priced. It might not fit all models, though. You have to first check for compatibility, but otherwise, it is a good purchase.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Upower Universal exhaust tip is made of 304 stainless steel that is known for its corrosion-resistant properties. To finish the look, it is given chrome plating and a mirror polish. It makes for a good upgrade from the old rusted pipe.

The inlet diameter is four inches, which fits most diesel trucks. The pipe is resistant to alkali solutions and most organic and inorganic acids. Another decorative feature is its 70-degree angled cut that faces downwards. The installation is like most new exhaust pipes, i.e., bolt-on.

Bottom Line

This is a popular option for budget-friendly buyers that still want a good-looking exhaust tip. The repeated polishing makes it glossy and mirror-like. The high-quality stainless steel and corrosion resistance makes it very durable and a good investment.

4. Sinister Diesel Polished Stainless Steel


  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Has a large diameter to give an amplified sound
  • Clean chrome-plated finish for corrosion resistance
  • Universal fit so it can be used without any modifications 
  • Uses polished stainless steel for a smooth surface that remains clean


  • More expensive than other similar products

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers state that the unit's mirror-like surface gives it a very clean-looking finish that stands out on the truck. It is very easy to use and install and highly durable. It makes for a perfect gift for your loved ones that are car enthusiasts.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The chrome mirror finishing on top of the 304 stainless steel makes this product corrosion-resistant and very easy to clean. The glossy silver look makes it stand out from your truck and is a good option for those that want good aesthetics in their exhaust tips. To finish the look, it has the Sinister logo embossed on top.

It fits the larger five-inch tailpipes and extends out to six inches at the outlet. It has a simple bolt-on installation, which people mostly prefer over other options.

Bottom Line

This is the last pick for Duramax exhaust tips. It costs more than the other products, but the quality and sturdiness speak for themselves and are worth the investment. It is made for larger tailpipes and will probably be louder.

5. Performance Diesel Warehouse BQ9-406018RFB


  • Easy installation
  • Universal 4-inch fit
  • Long 18-inch length improves its visual appeal
  • Black powder-coating is more durable and thick
  • Rolled edge design makes the exhaust system look larger


  • Not easily available

What Recent Buyers Report

As per recent reports, the powder-coating on this unit is very long-lasting and gives a better look than paint jobs. Performance Diesel Warehouse is a known car, truck, and jeep parts company. This product lives up to the name as well. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Powder-coating is much more durable, and it leaves a more thick layer over the metal than paint. It is also environmentally safe and therefore preferred over normal paint for car finishing. The dry powder coating on this product is black, which gives it a subtle yet cool look.

The diameter is four-inch at the inlet position and six-inch at the outlet position with an 18-inch length. The edge is cut at 20 degrees and has a rolled design.      

Bottom Line

Made by a highly trusted brand, this product meets its quality standards. This popular product will fit any four-inch exhaust system without the need for welding, drilling, or changing anything.

How Do I Choose an Exhaust Tip For My Duramax? 

Your choice of exhaust tip will depend on either the sound it produces or the look (after the quality, of course). These products are mostly made of stainless steel (T409, T304). Different types of tips focus on different aspects that are explained below.

Single/Double Wall

This type is pretty self-explanatory. A single-walled tip is made of one layer of metal and is less expensive. The double-walled exhaust tip has a better finish, is thicker, has a fuller sound, and more range of styles.    


This name is given to the type of tips that have a cooling system on the inside. This makes the exhaust gases leaving the engine less hot. The ventilation will be in the form of holes at the end near the tailpipe or small fins on the inside.

Angle Cut/Straight Cut

This type is differentiated from the angle of the end of the exhaust tip. Some tips are cut straight while others are cut at a particular angle. They don’t have a particular effect on the performance of sound, but it is mostly preferred by 4WD car drivers.

Rolled Edge

Rolled edge tips are used when you want a deep sound. This is produced by the edge that is rolled inside and is thick.  

AUTOSAVER88 Universal Exhaust Tip

Turn Down

Turn down types are also called the “dump out” pipe. The angle of the tip is faced downwards. This makes the sound much louder because the sound vibrates off the pavement back into the pipe.

You have to decide what your priorities are and what you are looking for in this product and then decide. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Exhaust Tips

Since exhaust tips don’t have a practical purpose, many people wonder about what actually will be the gain of installing in their car. Let’s have a look. 


Exhaust tips have their fair share of advantages. These include:

A Cool Look

Polished exhaust tips at the back of your car give it the look of a powerful car. It is described as a cherry on top of your sundae, with the sundae being a good exhaust system and the cherry its decoration. If you are into the looks of your car, you’ll definitely want an exhaust tip.

Better Sound

The exhaust tip amplifies the sound of the engine. It makes it sound more powerful and new, although it does not affect the engine's actual performance.


The one major con of an exhaust tip is the only thing that people will use to justify not buying it, and that is:


The only downside you will get from an exhaust tip is that the engine’s torque and horsepower are not improved. If you are working on a budget and your priority is not the final look but rather the final performance, then you will end up not buying it. 

How to Install Duramax Exhaust Tips

One of the reasons for the popularity of exhaust tips is their easy installation. But it is normal to get stuck. If you have never done it before, you can follow these simple steps for guidance.

  1. First, check the diameter of your tailpipe. The exhaust tip’s diameter should match the tailpipe for it to install perfectly.

  2. Then check the bumper for clearance, i.e., if it has room to fit in. Otherwise, you will have to modify the bumper.

  3. After making sure the engine is cool, lube it using a lubricant of your choice. WD-40 is a popular choice.

  4. If your exhaust tips are screw-in, then tighten the screws; otherwise, weld the tip with the tailpipe.

  5. Check for the tightness of the exhaust tip after a few weeks.       

For more information and clarity on how to go about with the whole process, check the video below.

How to Polish Exhaust Tips

Your exhaust tip comes at the end where all gases are going out. It gets dirty quickly so you should properly maintain it. Here are some tips to polish the tips:

  1. Spray it down with water and soap mixture first both inside and out.

  2. Use a brush to clean it thoroughly.

  3. Then using a clean and dry cloth, wipe the exhaust tip dry.

  4. Spread a buffing compound on your attachment or a metal polisher.

  5. Then work it all over the tip (inside and out).

  6. Run it over with a clean cloth in the end.

If you’re unsure of any step or how to go about the process, here’s a video:


The tailpipe and exhaust tip of a car go hand in hand and need to match the engine exactly. All the products mentioned on our list are made for Duramax engines. Your choice will depend on your style and preference of size.

People Also Ask

These small parts of an engine can cause much confusion about their purpose and technical aspects. If you are stuck in one of these questions, then read these frequently asked questions below.

Do Exhaust Tips Change Sound on Diesel?

Yes, exhaust tips do change the sound of diesel. The bigger the tip, the more the sound and vice versa. 

Which is Better, 4 or 5-Inch Exhaust?

The major difference between the two is sound, with the four-inch exhaust tip being quieter. If you are talking about the entire exhaust system, then the four-inch one is better for the horsepower of 450 to 500, and anything above that will be better paired with a five-inch system. 

Are Exhaust Tips Just For Looks?

Since they don’t change the car's performance, many people buy them for the cool look, but they do affect the sound of the car as well. 

What Do Resonator Exhaust Tips Do?

Resonator exhaust tips are used to reduce the sound of the engine. They are designed in a particular way that makes the sound vibrate inside a cavity to reduce its effect.

Why Are Diesel Exhaust Pipes so Big?

Diesel engines have a high compression ratio, and therefore, they need more air. So to release gases properly, they need a tailpipe with a big diameter and an exhaust tip to match that.

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