Best Performance Chips For Dodge Ram 1500 – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: December 25, 2021

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Chips are used nowadays to boost a vehicle’s performance. They have an easy plug and play installation. These chips are used for a variety of purposes. These include increasing horsepower, efficiently utilize fuel, enhancing torque, adjusting speed limiters, keeping a check on the tire size, and much more. 

There are many chips available, but not all will be suitable for your ride or let you fully unleash its power. In this article, we take a look at some of the best available performance chips for a Dodge RAM 1500.

Comparison Chart of the Best Performance Chips For Dodge Ram 1500

  • Installation is completely 'plug-and-play'
  • Offers smooth idles and very quick acceleration
  • Engine life is prolonged and emissions reduced
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  • Using this product will not void your warranty
  • High-quality aluminum enclosure with durable anodized finish
  • No mechanical knowledge is required
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  • Best for the Money
  • Increases torque as well as horse power
  • Throttle response is increased and factory data isn't overwritten
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  • Vehicle's horse power and torque is greatly boosted
  • Towing ability and throttle response is significantly improved
  • Vehicle is more economical fuel-wise
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  • Installation is done within 20 minutes
  • No footprint is left on vehicle's on-board computer
  • Packaging is professional and instructions are easy to understand
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What Makes a Performance Chip Great For a Ram 1500?

With a high functioning vehicle like a Dodge Ram, the pairing of a performance chip can unleash great potential. The many functioning areas of a chip make it very useful. What are some of the ways a chip could be utilized? Let’s find out.

Performance Boost

One of the most important reasons why a chip is used is the increase in the performance of the vehicle. It allows the users to enhance the throttle or horsepower, resulting in a faster-moving vehicle. It unlocks the potential of the engine in a way that you get maximum utilization from it.

Fuel Efficiency

Another very attractive feature is fuel efficiency and extra mileage. With a performance chip, the fuel utilization could be improved so that more mileage is gained on lesser fuel. Not only is this friendly for the environment, but it also saves on the pocket.

A Digital Mechanic

A chip can also act to diagnose various problems with your vehicle. Most chips include a feature that runs diagnostics on small performance issues such as tire flattening, engine heating, gas running low, etc. It saves you the trouble of running to the mechanic every time.

Top Auto Accessory Performance Tuner Speed

What Should I Look For When Buying a Performance Chip?

It is no use ending up with a wrong chip that would not let you make any adjustments or calibrations. To avoid that, it is necessary to remain mindful of the factors that should be considered before buying a chip. Below, we discuss some of these factors:

Compatibility With Your Vehicle

The foremost thing to consider is whether the chip is usable with your vehicle or not. When looking for a chip, make sure it is compatible with the exact model as your car. Any incompatibility may give you no or very little performance enhancement. There are some chips that have universal compatibility too.

Chip Type

Different chips perform different functions. Some are used for only boosting horsepower while others are for efficient fuel utilization. When buying a chip, make sure it serves the purpose you want to use it for. There are chips that can serve multipurpose as well. 


While some chips are used for performance enhancement, others are used for diagnostics while some are for monitoring, etc. Your intended use can simplify the buying process. If you need to only monitor the vehicle’s running, there is no need to invest in a multi-purpose chip. 

Moreover, there are chips that will completely overrun the vehicle’s computer and perform on their own. The choice depends on your needs and purpose.

Review of the Best Performance Chips For Dodge Ram 1500

From such a huge market, it is difficult to land upon one chip suited well to your needs. This becomes even more difficult when you don’t have an idea regarding what the market holds. In this section, we will give a detailed rundown of some of the best available performance chips to give you an insight into the market and help ease your buying decision.

Best Overall:
Top Auto Accessory Performance Tuner Speed


  • Compatible with many Dodge models including 1500 and above
  • 1-year full manufacturer’s warranty to cover for damages or defects
  • Serves multipurpose; Horsepower, Torque, Speed, and fuel efficiency
  • Also causes a reduction in emissions for an environment-friendly operation
  • Completely plug and play installation system eliminates the need for a mechanic


  • Adjusts to the engine after 125 road miles are traveled with it
  • Tuner is not compatible with diesel or turbo fueled cars. Only works on fuel injected vehicles

What Recent Buyers Report

For recent buyers, the tuner performed better than expected. It gave good mileage even on a vehicle as high suspended as a dodger. The installation was super easy. The overall performance boost was well balanced and easy to control. They were also especially appreciative of the warranty that covered for any damages or defects.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Top Auto Accessary tuner brings a great deal to the table. It serves multipurpose, and you can boost Horsepower, Torque, Acceleration, and fuel efficiency, all by one tuner. The increase in horsepower may be as high as 35%, with a 30% increase in torque. It gives about 7MPG increase for economical fuel efficiency.

Who Will Use This Most

Dodge RAM owners of multiple models who are looking for an all-in-one tuner for the HP, torque, and fuel efficiency trio will find this tuner particularly useful. Also, it would also pose useful for those who want smooth idles going from 0-60 MPH without any hitch.

Bottom Line

The tuner has all the ingredients that make for a good gadget. The design is so simple that it could easily be installed at home. Complementing the intelligent design is elation in HP, torque, speedy acceleration, and efficient fuel utilization.

Innovative Performance Chip


  • Could be easily installed within 15 minutes
  • Fully compatible with all Dodge Ram 1500 trims
  • Gives a performance boost to horsepower and acceleration
  • Aluminum case encloses the chip for protection against liquids and heat
  • 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty for maximum customer satisfaction


  • Needs to be installed in a relatively cooler place on the engine
  • Does not provide a boost in torque or account for high fuel efficiency

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers noticed that the chip performed well under all climatic conditions. It did not lag in warmer weather. Also, the installation process was super easy and was doable by anyone. Even after installation, permanent change was not made to the vehicle’s own computer, and those settings could be restored later.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Quite a few things make the Innovative Chip one of the best choices out there. Firstly, it has a construction aimed at protecting the chip. The highly anodized Aluminum enclosure makes sure of it. Secondly, the horsepower boost may go as high as 35% along with a 5 MPG rise in acceleration time.

Who Will Use This Most

The tuner would prove most useful for those looking for a smooth rise in acceleration time. It works instantly to reduce lag in acceleration. Moreover, anyone who wants to preserve the car’s initial settings would appreciate the working of this tuner. This is because even though the chip provides a boost to performance, the original computer’s functioning is not permanently changed.

Bottom Line

This chip works great in fluctuating weather. It has a solid construction that is backed by 100% money-back and a lifetime guarantee, which is a further testament of its dependability. Moreover, its usability extends to all trims of Dodge 1500.

Best for the Money:
High-Performance Tuner Chip


  • Causes gains in horsepower, torque and fast acceleration time
  • Simple installation by plugging the chip in the OBD port of the vehicle
  • No mechanical installation required. Complete installation within 5 minutes
  • Vehicle’s computer is not overwritten which preserves its warranty guarantees
  • Supports full money-back coverage without questions if you’re not satisfied with it


  • Does not enhance fuel efficiency
  • Needs to be placed securely near the port to prevent slipping and unplugging

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers were impressed by the increased responsiveness of the throttle experienced after the installation of the chip. The chip was installed near the steering wheel and was easily unplugged to restore to factory settings. This was helpful in the sense that a mechanic’s expertise was not required every time the chip needed to be installed or uninstalled.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The chip works very intelligently. It optimizes the air to fuel ratio of the vehicle’s combustion properties to uplift torque and horsepower performances. This not only made the throttle responsive and the overall functioning of the car easier to handle but also decreased lags faced during acceleration. These features gave a loop-hole free enhancement in the performance.

Who Will Use This Most

The decrease in the lag of acceleration time renders the chip very useful for users who need to change between speeds instantly. This feature is particularly useful for frequent highway drivers as they need responsive acceleration and deceleration to control the car’s movement between stops, changing lanes, and driving at full speed.

Bottom Line

All the features held by this chip are difficult to find at a price as good as one offered for this one. But, a more affordable option does not mean it lacks in its functionality. Even with a low price, it does not lack in its usability or performance.

4. Force Automotive Group Xtreme Power Tuner


  • Enhances torque performance and throttle response
  • 100% limitless money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty
  • Causes a gain of 40% on horsepower and 6 Miles per Gallon
  • Does not overwrite the computer and preserves its warranty
  • Super easy installation with help from tech experts if needed


  • Does not improve the lag in accelerations
  • Might make the check engine light come on, causing alarm

What Recent Buyers Report

Apart from the check engine light coming on, even though no problems were found, most recent buyers loved the gains offered by the chip. It is street legal worldwide and did not need to be checked for permissions in different parts of the States. Also, the money saved by fuel efficiency was significant enough to come into notice.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This chip works to enhance the working performance of the crucial trio required for optimal car performance. It includes up to a 40% enhancement in horsepower, a 50ft/lb. gain in torque and a mileage increase of 7 miles per gallon. All this is done in an efficient manner by optimizing fuel to air ratios and engine timings.

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone who doesn’t mind investing a little to get one of the best performing vehicle tuners would appreciate this chip. It improves the towing, climbing, and passing abilities of your vehicle as well. As a result, it becomes useful for those who drive in varying terrains and that too for a considerable amount of time. The enhanced movability and the savings on the pocket make it an unparalleled choice among car tuners.

Bottom Line

Designed to serve Dodge Rams no matter how they are employed, the Xtreme Power Tuner cannot be ignored. It significantly enhances the performance of all 3 crucial aspects. The gains are easily noticeable not only in the functioning of the car but also in the money saved.

5. Force Performance Chip


  • Full 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty supported
  • 100% of emission-free functioning prevents environmental damage
  • Multipurpose car tuner for gains in horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency
  • Comes with a complete installation kit that eliminates the need of tech experts
  • No changes made to the Dodge’s computer; they could be restored simply by uninstalling the chip


  • Does not provide improvements in lags between accelerations

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers report that the chip’s worth was paid in performance. It was quick to adjust to the engine’s working and regulate the functioning. Moreover, the 100% satisfaction guarantee also made their experience worthwhile. The damages, too, were replaced quickly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With this chip, you can truly unleash the hidden powers of your Dodge Ram. It can boost the horsepower by 35% while at the same time increase the fuel efficiency by giving a gain of 5 miles per gallon. Moreover, the operation is emission-free, which is not only safe for the engine but also the environment.

Who Will Use This Most

Dodge owners who want a substantial enhancement in horsepower to take on rougher plains and for longer drives will find great use in this chip. In addition, people who have more than one dodge (1500, 2500, or 3500) can easily install it on the other models one after the other and use it on multiple cars for the price of one.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is another great choice of a multipurpose vehicle tuner. This chip, too, does not leave any traces of installation on the vehicle’s computer. This not only keeps the vehicle eligible for the manufacturer’s warranty but also makes it easier to sell.

Pros and Cons of Performance Chips

Performance chips or vehicle tuners are a great way to up the potential of your vehicle. They do so in many ways, neither of which is harmful to the engine. But there are some drawbacks associated with these gadgets as well. Both the pros and cons that need to be considered before deciding for a chip are listed below.


Let’s first see how it can help you:

Unlocks Vehicle’s Extreme Performance

The chips enhance overall performance significantly. And with a heavy-duty vehicle like a Dodge Ram that is meant to undergo rigorous routines, the additional improvement to various aspects takes it to new extremes that you had not known before. With better fuel efficiency and quick-paced acceleration, you’ll soon start loving your vehicle’s upgrades.

Saves Money

When you enhance the working performance of your vehicle, you’re making it useful for more diverse uses. It now might also be used for off-roading, climbing sloppy terrains, or running through long stretches of miles more quickly. 

These aspects reduce the need to buy a new vehicle, as the upgrades in your already existing vehicle might prove to be sufficient. In addition, the money is also saved when more mileage is drawn per gallon, making fuel last longer.

Faster Vehicles

Another undeniably attractive feature is that with these chips, you can make your vehicles go faster. This is done when the lags that occur between intervals of gaining speed are reduced. As a result, as soon as you hit the gas for extra speed, the engine goes into action. It speeds up quicker and, at the same time, saves on gas.

Innovative Performance Chip


Meanwhile, a primary drawback is:

Overwriting Vehicle’s Computer

One of the main drawbacks associated with performance chips is the ability of some of them to overwrite the vehicle’s factory settings. While this is not supported on all chips, quite a significant number can still do this. This strips the vehicle of all warranty claims and might also appear shady when selling it. 

Moreover, in some areas for various reasons, performance chips might be illegal to use. It is always advisable to check for the chip’s legality in your area before buying.


In this fast-paced world, there is no space for slow, low performing, and lagging vehicles. With performance chips, you can make sure your Dodge Ram experiences none of these. The enhancements provided by these tuners are worth the price. Out of many options available in the market, what suits your needs depends on your intended purpose and car specs. All in all, these gadgets give incredible upgrades to your Dodge Ram 1500.

People Also Ask

After all the discussion above, there might still be somethings left unexplained or not fully explained. Incomplete knowledge of this whole business will help nobody. For this reason, in this section, we will directly answer some of the most crucial questions related to performance chips and their functioning.

Will a Tuner Hurt My Truck?

A tuner will not cause direct harm to your engine. But depending on the use, it might not be suitable for your truck. For example, for day to day commute on smooth terrains that do not put much burden on the engine, horsepower enhancement would serve no real purpose. 

In some cases, it might even reduce the lifespan of your engine. However, pairing the tuners with the proper need results in unbeatable and undamaging combos.

Do Performance Tuners Really Work?

Performance tuners have been known to work exceptionally well. They do provide the gains advertised. But to ensure optimal performance, make sure that it is fully compatible with your truck and also the right choice to serve your purpose. In addition, the good health of a truck is also necessary. Tuners simply won’t be able to improve the working of an old and beat-up vehicle.

What Does a Tuner Do to Your Truck?

A tuner takes control of your vehicle’s computer to enhance and monitor the vehicle’s performance or run diagnostics to find problems if needed. They are usually used to take the working ability of your vehicle to new heights, unlocking new potential by enhancing features like horsepower, throttle response, and efficient fuel utilization.

Can Performance Chips Ruin Your Engine?

Performance chips are meant to enhance your engine, not ruin it. However, using the wrong ones for a purpose they cannot serve might prove detrimental to your engine. Another way chips can damage the engine is when they are not completely compatible with it or if they overwrite the factory settings. The overwriting not only makes the vehicle ineligible for warranty but also does not allow the truck to restore back to its original functioning capacity.

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