Best Tuner For 2.8 Duramax (Canyon/Colorado Truck: 2016 – 2018)

| Last Updated: December 24, 2021

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If you have a recently purchased GM truck and you are a little frustrated with some of the limitations you have encountered with your engine (turbo lag, anyone?), it may be worthwhile for you to look into investing in a tuner. Tuners can wake up your truck’s engine and remind it of anything and everything it is actually capable of.

Read on to learn more about these amazing devices and what they will be able to accomplish for your 2.8L Duramax engine in Canyon and Colorado trucks.

Comparison of the Best 2.8 Duramax Tuners (Canyon/Colorado Truck: 2016 – 2018)

  • Will add up to 45 additional horsepower
  • Will enhance shifting through widening the torque curve
  • Strikes a good balance between added power and emissions
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  • Can be adjusted while the vehicle is in motion
  • Increases fuel pressure to improve throttle response
  • Strikes a good balance between power gains and safety
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  • Comes with a case and wire harness
  • Does not leave any trace of its installation
  • Will significantly improve your engine’s throttle response
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What Years Fall Under 2.8L Duramax?

2.8L Duramax engines are right behind the most recent engine models that GM was producing for their trucks. So be careful when choosing a tuner – you do not want the most recently developed ones, because those are for a different engine type, but you also do not want to go too old either. If your truck has a model year between 2016 – 2018, you are rocking a 2.8L Duramax engine, and you need to find a tuner that is compatible.

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Perks of Upgrading Your 2.8L Duramax With a New Tuner

It is true that tuners can get pretty pricey. But we guarantee the financial investment is always worth it. Tuners can accomplish a wide range of different tasks for your truck.

When it comes to price point, most tuners will actually ultimately pay for themselves and save you some serious money in the long run, because many tuners come with features that will allow your truck to boost its fuel economy. 

Additionally, tuners will address some of the most common and most frustrating issues users typically encounter when driving trucks, including dead pedal and the tendency for the vehicle to downshift unexpectedly when driving uphill.

If you are asking additional tasks of your truck, such as heavy towing, many tuners come with modes specifically designed to enhance your truck’s towing capacity. There really is not much you will not be able to improve with your truck through purchasing a tuner.

Review of the Best 2.8L Duramax Tuners (Canyon/Colorado Truck: 2016 – 2018)

Keeping in mind everything you just learned about Duramax tuners, let’s check out some of the best products themselves:

1. Duramax Tuner SPADE Tuning Device with Shift-On-The-Fly


  • Durable
  • Enhances towing
  • Will increase miles per gallon
  • Will enhance shifting through widening the torque curve
  • Will correct the speedometer for any modifications you may have made to your truck, including lifting and larger tires


  • Requires accessing an unlock code and sending that unlock code to Duramax to start up your tuner

The Duramax Tuner SPADE Tuning Device with Shift-On-The-Fly is an amazing tuner that will wake your truck right up by adding up to 45 additional horsepower. Can you say “vroom, vroom”? This tuner comes with four different pre-programmed tuning levels, including Optimized Stock, Tow Tune, Sport Economy Tune, and Performance Tune.

And do not worry about burning through your gas budget, even on the highest level tunes – this tuner is excellent at balancing between added power and increased emissions, so your fuel economy will actually improve overall if you are using this machine.

Boosted power and better gas mileage together may sound too good to be true, but you better believe it when you are using this tuner. It will also last you for quite a long time: users report running the tuning system for 10,000 miles without any issues, so no need to worry about future costly repairs.

Bottom Line

The Duramax Tuner SPADE Tuning Device with Shift-On-The-Fly is an excellent tuner that will take your truck to the next level. You will have to go through some additional steps to get it up and running, though.

2. AFE Scorcher Blue Bluetooth Power Module


  • Does not leave any trace of its installation
  • Will increase horsepower by 24 and torque by 44 lbs.
  • Walks the fine line between power gains and safety well
  • Can connect via Bluetooth to a free app on your smart phone
  • List Element


  • Difficult to install
  • Does not allow users to see or force regeneration cycles

The AFE Scorcher Blue Bluetooth Power Module is the new frontier in truck tuning. Say hello to the future – you can now tune your truck from your smart phone! The Scorcher is Bluetooth enabled, so it can connect via a free app to your iPhone or Android system. You will then be able to control your truck’s tunes and monitor your engine’s vitals through your smart device.

Beyond that additional perk, the Scorcher will give you all the benefits of the top notch tuner it is. It will boost your fuel pressure to enhance your truck’s throttle response. It comes with four color-coded tune settings: Stock (Green), Sport (Yellow), Sport+ (Orange), and Race (Red).

You can switch between the settings while your truck is in operation, either from your smart phone or from the tuner itself. There really is not much the Scorcher will not be able to do for you, and it is guaranteed to revolutionize your truck driving experience.

Bottom Line

The AFE Scorcher Blue Bluetooth Power Module is the tuner of the future, with its Bluetooth connectivity. However, it is more complicated to set up.

3. AFE 77-44009 Scorcher HD Module


  • Increases fuel pressure
  • Produces better driveability
  • Will not create increased emissions
  • Does not leave evidence of its installation
  • Strikes a good balance between power gains and safety


  • Harder to set up
  • Does not produce a huge difference in torque

The AFE 77-44009 Scorcher HD Module is an excellent tuner that is essentially the lower-tech version of the Scorcher Blue reviewed above. While this tuner may not have Bluetooth connectivity, it definitely still has some awesome convenience features.

It comes with the same four pre-programmed tunes as the Scorcher Blue, all color coded the same way. These tunes can also be adjusted on the fly while your vehicle is in motion, with just a touch of the tuner’s button. It comes with a case and a wire harness, so it can be mounted pretty much anywhere inside your truck’s cab.

This tuner will boost your engine’s throttle response to unbelievable levels. You are unlikely to even recognize your truck after it gets a makeover from the Scorcher HD! But, perhaps best of all, your truck will still technically be very recognizable – this tuner leaves no installation traces, so if you are worried about the impact on your truck’s warranty, fear not.

Bottom Line

The AFE 77-44009 Scorcher HD Module is a great tuner that will elevate your truck’s throttle response to the next level, all while remaining easy to use. The only thing to consider is that it does not create the biggest boost in engine torque.


The tuners described on this list will make you feel like the truck you are driving is brand spanking new again. Tuners will be able to revolutionize your truck driving experience, from improved fuel economy to incredible boosts in power, all in a technologically savvy package. There really is no drawback to investing in a tuner – get yourself one from our list today and watch your truck driving game change for the better, forever!    

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