Best Tuners For 6.6L L5P Duramax (2017 – 2019)

So you got a new truck, and you’re really excited. You take it out on the highway and turn it loose – but what the heck? It’s still got some dead pedal issues! It’s a new vehicle, so what gives? What you need is a tuner. Read on to learn about how these amazing devices can wake your truck right up and take it to the next level.

Comparison Chart of the Best 6.6L L5P Duramax Tuners (2017 – 2019)

  • Can be removed without leaving a trace
  • Makes a big difference in your truck’s towing
  • Increases both power and torque for your engine
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  • Comes with a full color, five inch screen
  • Increases both the torque and the horse power
  • Has four different settings: economy, tow, race, and extreme
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  • Can switch modes while truck is moving
  • Balances power gains and safety really well
  • Boosts fuel pressure to then boost throttle response
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  • Installation should take no more than twenty minutes
  • Will increase both throttle sensitivity and responsiveness
  • Works for both stock vehicles and vehicles with modifications
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  • Fits easily into stock location on truck
  • Plug and play system will not void any warranty
  • Increases truck responsiveness and reduces turbo lag
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What Years Fall Under 6.6L L5P Duramax?

Trucks with 6.6L L5P Duramax engines are the most recent models GM was creating, so for many people, the search for a tuner is not because of a lagging older engine, but rather to unlock the power that they know is hidden inside their truck’s brand new engine system.

If you have an older vehicle, you will likely want to look elsewhere for compatible tuning systems. GM has been producing 6.6L L5P Duaramax engines since 2017, and the newest models, all the way up to the 2019 series, have these engines under their hoods.

Do Tuners Increase MPG?

We would love to say a resounding yes, that this is true for all tuners, every tuner on the market will increase your truck’s miles per gallon. But the truth is, it depends. Many of the newer tuners are recognizing the fact that for truck owners, gas mileage is one of the biggest economic considerations when buying a truck, and also that improved fuel economy is more environmentally responsible. With this in mind, more and more tuners are being designed to increase MPG. Some of these are featured on our list.

What Makes a Great L5P Duramax Tuner?

Great tuners have a number of qualities, including the following:

Fuel Economy

As mentioned above, fuel economy is becoming a more and more important consideration for today’s drivers. Good tuners can boost your fuel economy by several miles per gallon and save your wallet some well-deserved extra dollars. Maybe you can even invest in some cool modifications for your truck with the gas money you are no longer spending!

Improved Power

The crazy thing about the best tuners is that they are somehow able to combine increased fuel economy with increase engine horse power! You will finally be able to realize your truck’s full power with an excellent tuner from our list, and there will be no going back.

Ease of Use

Dealing with anything related to your truck can be complicated if you do not have a mechanic’s background. The best tuners will be straightforward and easy for the layperson to install, and then also not be too complicated to use or to adjust if you want to change something about your tuner’s functioning.  

Top 3 Models - Best 6.6L L5P Duramax Tuners
(2017 – 2019)

Before we get any further, here are our top 3 favorite picks from this review:

  1. Banks Power Derringer Tuner
  2. Edge Evolution CTS2 Tuner
  3. aFe SCORCHER BLUE Bluetooth Power Module

Review of the Best L5P Duramax Tuners (2017 – 2019)

Keeping in mind everything you just learned about Duramax tuners, let’s check out some of the best products themselves:


  • Easy to install
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Will not increase your emissions
  • Banks provides good customer support


  • A little pricey

The Banks Power Derringer Tuner is an amazing tuner that will bring your L5P to life. This tuner will boost both your engine’s power and its torque, both of which will make a huge difference when it comes to towing loads of any size.

It is also an excellent diagnostic tool – it keeps track of a massive amount of data on your truck’s vitals, and it can be customized to display whatever data you believe is most relevant. And despite how hard it works for you, you will not have to worry about this tuner flaking out on your truck any time soon. 

Users report working with this tuner for over 10,000 miles and everything on their truck is still running great. Best of all, the Derringer can be removed without leaving any sort of trace, so you will not have to worry about the manufacturer discovering you have tuned your truck and subsequently voiding your truck’s warranty.

Bottom Line

The Banks Power Derringer Tuner is a great tuner that does pretty much everything you could ever dream of for your truck. The only thing it can’t do is adjust your truck’s speedometer to make accurate reads after you have installed modifications.


  • Comes with a built in “Mileage Coach”
  • Boosts fuel efficiency even when towing
  • Works on both horse power and vehicle torque
  • Can switch between different measurement units
  • Has four different pre-programmed settings: economy, tow, race, and extreme


  • Economy setting can be complicated to access

The Edge Evolution CTS2 Tuner is just about the most easily customized tuner you will be able to find on the market today. It has a five inch screen, glowing in bright, vibrant color. You can measure your truck’s vitals quite easily, and you can choose which color will correspond to which one of your truck’s vitals, so all it will take is a quick glance at your screen to determine how your truck is doing overall.

Speaking of screens, you can also choose exactly how your screen is designed, and what you want displayed as your screen’s background. You can even get as specific as the actual units of measurement you want the tuner to use, whether that is the U.S. or metric system.

And, perhaps most unique of all, the Evolution CTS2 comes with a built in “Mileage Coach” that will share fuel saving tips and do automatic trip monitoring so you can see how your truck is doing on fuel economy. Not much more you could ask for!

Bottom Line

The Edge Evolution CTS2 Tuner is a phenomenal tuner that provides a fully customizable tuning experience. It can be a little difficult to access some settings, though.


  • 4 Adjustable Tune Levels
  • Has a Bluetooth connection to a free smart phone app
  • Strikes a good balance between safety and increased power
  • Does not leave installation traces, so will not void your warranty


  • Cannot force regeneration cycles

The aFe SCORCHER BLUE Bluetooth Power Module is just about the newest, coolest technology you will be able to find on the tuner market today. It is Bluetooth enabled, so you will be able to connect your truck’s tuner with your smart phone, whether you have an iPhone or an Android. From that point on, you do not need to interface with the tuner itself at all – you can simply monitor your engine vitals or switch between tunes from your phone.

And of course, besides having Bluetooth capability, the aFe SCORCHER has some pretty awesome characteristics that go with a top notch tuning system, such as the ability to increase fuel pressure to boost your truck’s throttle response.

Its four tune settings are color coded and include Stock (Green), Sport (Yellow), Sport+ (Orange), and Race (Red). As mentioned before, you can switch between the different settings on your phone, even while your truck is moving! But please, no texting and driving.

Bottom Line

The aFe SCORCHER BLUE Bluetooth Power Module is the tuner of tomorrow. However, all that cool technology can be a little more difficult to set up.

Superchips 48862 AMPd Throttle Booster w/Power Switch 6 Settings AMPd Throttle Booster


  • Improves fuel economy
  • Compatible with other Edge Tuning Devices
  • Increases throttle sensitivity and responsiveness
  • Can work on both stock vehicles and those with modifications


  • Can sometimes throw codes

The Edge Amp’d Throttle Booster with On-The-Fly Power Switch is an amazing tuner that can really take your truck to the next level. If your primary reason for wanting a tuner includes power boosting, you are not going to be able to find a tuner more effective than the Amp’d.

It has six different settings: stock; valet mode; low/economy, which boosts by 50%; medium, which boosts by 75%; high, which boosts by 100%; and finally, FEEL THE POWER, which boosts by an incredible 400%! All of that is included in a tuner with a simple installation process which should not take even a novice user any more than twenty minutes to complete.

This tuner is a total rock star and can do amazing things in a variety of settings, most notably passing, going uphill, and driving in stop and go traffic. Say goodbye to your power frustrations with the Edge Amp’d Throttle Booster!

Bottom Line

The Edge Amp’d Throttle Booster with On-The-Fly Power Switch is a fantastic tuner that will give you more power than you could ever have dreamed of. It can sometimes throw random codes, though, so be on the lookout.

BD Diesel 1057732 Throttle Sensitivity Booster


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with stock location on truck
  • Decreases turbo lag and increases throttle response
  • Has multiple different settings which are great for different road conditions


  • Will not actually increase horsepower or torque, is purely designed to make your throttle more responsive

The BD Throttle Sensitivity Booster is a wonderful add on tuner that will take your truck to the next level, even if you believe you have already maxed out your truck’s capabilities. We promise there is more to discover with the BD Booster! If your tuned truck is still experiencing some dead pedal issues, the Booster will clear those right up.

It works well with other programming systems, and because it is designed to be plug and play as needed, it will not leave traces in your engine that could void your vehicle’s warranty.

You can also upgrade this tuner to come with a push button option for the switch, which will arrive with more pre-programmed modes and have the ability to change modes while your truck is actually in motion. Tune your tuner with the BD Throttle Sensitivity Booster!

Bottom Line

The BD Throttle Sensitivity Booster is an excellent tuner if you are looking to clear up any remaining dead pedal issues. Because it is designed just to boost your throttle, it will not actually increase your truck’s horse power.


If you want to take your new truck engine to the next level, you need to invest in a quality tuner. Evaluate the characteristics you want in your tuner, and then go with a top notch brand from our list here – we absolutely guarantee you will not regret it! And, we promise, your truck and truck’s engine will also thank you.