Best Exhausts For LBZ Duramax – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: December 25, 2021

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Exhausts are important for any kind of vehicle. They make sure that the toxins produced due to the burning fuel are extracted from your vehicle's internal system efficiently.

They also help reduce the noise level of an engine. Nowadays, these units are available in different sizes and are manufactured out of durable materials. A good exhaust must be chosen for your vehicle so that it can function seamlessly.

In this article, we discuss some of the best exhausts for LBZ Duramax available on the market.

Comparison of the Best Exhausts For LBZ Duramax

  • Engineered to improve overall performance
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Overall design will help to improve the sound
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  • All parts included to complete installation
  • Made to improve performance
  • Quite easy to install on your vehicle
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  • Best for the Money
  • Cut at an angle for nice sound effect
  • Will be able to fit on most trucks
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  • Best Lbz Duramax 5 Inch Exhaust
  • Comes included with everything you might need
  • Made from strong and sturdy materials
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  • Comes included with a turbo direct pipe
  • Made from high-quality materials for durability
  • A strong and sturdy construction
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What Purpose Does an Exhaust Serve?

The different reasons for why your vehicle should have an exhaust are detailed below:

Eliminating Toxins

The exhaust is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. This is because it is responsible for getting rid of toxins that might be bad for your engine. Harmful fumes such as hydrocarbons are kept away from the passengers of the vehicle.

These units also allow your car to be eco-friendlier as pollutants do not make it to the outer air.

Maintaining Engine Temperature

The engine is kept cool by efficient exhaust systems, as they ensure a healthier airflow. They come in handy for maintaining the temperature. They also help control the amount of fuel that is burned, so there is less combustion in the engine, and ultimately, power is saved.

Sound Reduction

Exhausts can ensure less turbulence, reduced back pressure, better throttle response, etc. It also significantly reduces the amount of noise your vehicle makes, resulting in lower noise pollution. It helps maintain your engine so that you don't need to pay for regular repairs or check-ups. A good exhaust system will be able to do all these things.

How to Choose an Exhaust For LBZ Duramax

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing an exhaust. These include:


It is believed that a good exhaust kit will cost a lot. But that is not true. Like every product nowadays, there is a wide range of available models, including products that are super expensive and low priced. You will have to do some research, but getting a good kit within your budget is possible.


Even though sizes do not determine performance, they are still important in terms of compatibility with the vehicle or your personal preference. The most common size types are four and five inches. The main difference between them is sound. A four-inch model gives a more raspy sound quality, while a five-inch unit is known for giving a deeper, rumble-like sound.


Your vehicle's engine requires good airflow so that it can function properly for a longer period. It keeps the temperature of the engine steady and also makes sure that minimum toxic gases are emitted. It keeps your vehicle running at maximum capacity for long intervals too. So, make sure that the kit you buy offers good airflow.

Review of the Best Exhausts For LBZ Duramax

Now that we have discussed some points that you should remember when choosing an exhaust let's get to the reviews of our top recommendations.

Best Overall:
MBRP UT2001 Smokers Stack Bed Kit


  • Very easy to install
  • Has a good, subtle engine sound
  • Constructed from high-end T-409 stainless steel
  • Can be used with your existing pipe as it is universal
  • Gives your vehicle's pipe single or dual-stack capability


  • Flex pipe that comes with the kit is flimsy

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers reported that the unit is compatible with most trucks, making it a convenient product for many. The single or double stacks capability further made it popular amongst buyers. Some beginners also reported satisfaction with the ease of installation.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Several features make this unit stand out to us, but we find the single and dual stacking feature catchy. This feature allows your vehicle's system to have dual or parallel connectivity, which means that there is a node that transmits both IPv6 and IPv4 stack protocols. Your pre-existing installed pipe can also use it, so you will not need to get an upgrade of any kind.

The model increases the efficiency of your engine by burning a smaller amount of fuel. It can also muffle unpleasant sounds and give an overall good sound quality to your truck.

The stainless steel further makes it a long-lasting product, adding value to your money. Its durable construction also prevents your truck from unnecessary exposure to rust and corrosion.

Bottom Line

After installing this unit in your vehicle, you will benefit from the improved speed, less combustion, power efficiency, and better engine sound. These things are good for the overall performance of your truck. For beginners as well, we strongly recommend this easy-to-install unit.

Banks Power Monster Exhaust


  • Triples system exhaust flow rate
  • Reduces backpressure up to 98%
  • Offers 150% better airflow in your system
  • Comes with a muffler to repress the annoying mid-range drone
  • Increased longevity of the system gives better performance and sound


  • Not as quiet as expected to be

What Recent Buyers Report

People who bought and used this product were surprised that the airflow and backpressure reduction are so noticeable. It greatly improves the sound and masks the annoying mid-range drone that most systems have. Also, some people reported lesser fuel costs after this unit was installed. Many car enthusiasts and professionals bought this product and were satisfied with the results.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We think that this unit's airflow feature is better than that of any other system. It is 150% more efficient and gives better airflow, leading to fewer toxic gases emitted in the atmosphere. If you are a car enthusiast and want to remain environmentally responsible, this model is the one for you.

The airflow feature also lets the engine remain cool and steady, even if it has been running for a long time. So for people traveling long distances, this product will work well.

It also reduces back pressure by up to 98%. This is great because it causes the system to pump less, reduces combustion effects, etc.

Bottom Line

This Banks Power unit is a high-quality model that improves your engine's efficiency by a long shot. It increases airflow, reduces backpressure, and comes with a noise muffler. It also has a higher system exhaust rate than others, so that's another reason why this unit is worthy of your money.

Best for the Money:
MBRP UT4001 Smokers 4" Single Stack


  • Not too heavy and is easy to install
  • Easily fits full-size diesel pickup trucks
  • Makes it easy to convert to a SMOKERS stack system
  • Optimal exhaust flow because of Mandrel-bent tubing
  • Good for race trucks as it gives less turbulence and better fuel efficiency


  • Stack tips need to be purchased separately
  • Does not work with vehicles equipped with diesel particulate filters

What Recent Buyers Report

Installing this unit is reported to be relatively easy, so buyers did not require professional help or had to pay for installation. They just did it themselves. It is not heavy, so it will not put a strain on your truck or add to its total weight. Buyers were also able to easily adapt to a SMOKERS stack system with this exhaust.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit is universally compatible with all trucks that have an engine manufactured to run on diesel. Most heavy-duty trucks run on diesel-powered systems, which is why this exhaust is the perfect companion for truck owners. Its Mandrel-bent tubing is high in quality, as it essentially makes the tube incredibly flexible.

This method lets the steel stretch on the outside and compresses the inside. As a result, the exhaust gases that pass through it have lower turbulence, leading to lower backpressure. With this feature, you can save up on your fuel costs.

Bottom Line

High quality and good performance are promised when it comes to this product by MBRP. You do not need a professional mechanic to install this. It will ensure a reduced amount of turbulence, back pressure, and fuel consumption. Apart from this, it gives great airflow, giving better health to your engine.

Best LBZ Duramax 5 Inch Exhaust:


  • Improves the throttle response
  • Increases pulling and towing power
  • Personalization is possible with this kit
  • Gives more torque and horsepower to your truck
  • Stainless steel construction keeps your truck bed free of rust


What Recent Buyers Report

People like the fact that this five-inch model can be personalized. Other reports suggest that the unit improved the throttle response. As a result, buyers did not have to worry about any lagging, especially in truck racing. It also reported increasing the towing power of any truck, as the engine can take that much force without sputtering.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Throttle response is important when it comes to truck racing. How do you expect to go fast if you have a system that lags and is unreliable? That is where this exhaust comes in. It improves the throttle response of your truck, which means that even if the amount of pressure you apply to the pedal is small, it will not go unnoticed as the engine will register that command.

It also ensures better airflow to reduce fuel consumption. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, the price-to-performance ratio of this unit is exceptional. It will allow the exhaust to last longer and not ruin the appearance of your vehicle.

Bottom Line

To conclude, if you want to increase your truck's horsepower, this is the perfect exhaust system. It also gives higher pulling power, improves the throttle response, increases torque, etc. Plus, it is highly durable as well, which is always a top priority when buying upgrades for your car.

Editor's Pick:
Diamond Eye K5123S


  • Includes a Turbo Direct Pipe
  • Gives increased power and fuel efficiency
  • Lowers the temperature of exhaust gases
  •  Reported improving the sound of the engine
  • Comes with a high flow muffler or muffler eliminator pipe


  • Not compatible with a lot of vehicles

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers and users have truly loved this one-of-a-kind kit. It makes the performance of their trucks exceptional. The direct turbo pipe that comes with it is reported to increase fuel efficiency and save power. People also used this unit for long-distance driving and reported no issues of overheating.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Other than many exceptional features, we really like that this unit comes with a direct turbo pipe. It usually goes from the turbo to the front exhaust pipe and is a useful addition to your system. This is a great way to increase your engine's efficiency and make it run smoothly without overheating. There is also a muffler that comes with the kit, which is perfect for eliminating sound.

The exhaust note is also highly improved in this system. Since it lowers the exhaust gas temperature, it eventually leads to less engine noise. It also completely represses the awful mid-range drone that some people get from their trucks.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, this unit is a perfect addition to your truck. Though it is not universal, it can still be used with quite a few models. It consists of some great features such as lowering the rate and temperature of exhaust gases, improved exhaust note, and increased power.

Are Exhausts For LBZ Duramax Universal?

Most companies nowadays make universal exhausts. They want to cover as much ground as possible with them and make sure that a wide range of trucks and other vehicles can use them. This goes for the LBZ Duramax models as well. Most of the units marketed towards it are actually universal when it comes to function and compatibility.

But there are still some that are exclusively catered to a particular range of trucks, usually varying in terms of size.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Exhaust For LBZ Duramax

The benefits of investing in a high-quality unit are:

Reduced Sound

Truck engines, especially those in race trucks, can be pretty noisy. A good-quality exhaust goes a long way towards controlling these annoying sounds. This leads to less noise pollution, and also gives your truck a good raspy and deep noted sound when it is running. Many car lovers install these units on their vehicles to get a desirable, personalized car sound.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

A good unit is bound to make your engine more fuel-efficient. It will help with the power harnessing of a truck and make sure that it can cover more distance and achieve greater speeds by burning less fuel. This way, there will be fewer toxins and harmful gaseous emissions into the environment.


These exhausts increase the life of your truck's engine. A good-quality product ensures that the engine works fine, does not lag or overheat, and remains at a steady temperature. Plus, when lesser fuel is burned, maximum performance is guaranteed.

4 Inch vs. 5 Inch Exhaust For Duramax - Comparison Overview

Some people may have doubts about which exhaust size is better or which one is more practical.

So below, we have a small comparison between the two most commonly found sizes.


The similarities between a four and five-inch sized exhaust are as follows:

  • Both are compatible with Duramax.

  • They both work efficiently towards eliminating toxins out of the engine.

  • Both ensure increased performance and fuel efficiency.


The differences between both of these are:

  • It is recommended that you use a resonator with a five-inch exhaust, as it has a louder drone.

  • There is a notable difference in their sound. The four-inch exhaust produces a raspier and crisp sound, while a five-inch gives a significantly deeper sound.


You now know how you can pick a great exhaust for your LBZ Duramax, along with some incredible recommendations. The ones we have compiled in this article have gone through a lot of testing, and they are listed because of the countless quality features and customer reviews. Each of these units is made of top-notch materials featuring excellent functions such as mufflers.

We hope that this has helped you in choosing what's right for your truck.

People Also Ask

Even though we have tried our best to give all the necessary information about the best Duramax LBZ exhausts, there can be some queries left. So below, we have answered a few questions that might help.

How Do You Make Your Exhaust Louder Without Changing it

There are a few things you can do. These are:

1.   Replace the muffler with one that is built to amplify sound.

2.   Add an exhaust tip with a flared end or one that has sound amplifying properties.

3.   Increase the size of your exhaust pipes from 0.5 to one inch.

Is a Catback Exhaust Worth it?

It depends on what you want or expects from the unit. A catback exhaust is great if you want an increased amount of gases to leave your car with less turbulence. Also, it can be a great option if you want your engine to run relatively smoother as well.

If you are a racer, such an exhaust can actually reduce weight, which can lead to a power increase.

How Much HP Does Exhaust Add?

It adds at most two to five percent horsepower for your truck.

Does a Bigger Exhaust Give More Power?

This depends on some factors. Most trucks can work with a normal-sized exhaust system. But if you have a racing truck or actively participate in such events, a bigger unit will come in handy. It will keep your engine from overheating and will also help your vehicle burn less fuel.

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