Raceme Tuner Reviews – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: December 25, 2021

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The Raceme Tuner is great when you want to power up your vehicle easily. It's simple to use and can perform a wide range of tasks to get you moving.

The raceme is known for its quality performance tuner products that will not break the bank when you buy them. It’s got an uncomplicated custom tune, is easy to use, and budget-friendly.

  • Equipped with a multiple gauge layout
  • Much better tuning for default transmission
  • Comes with a one touch menu navigation
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Who is Raceme Tuner? 

Raceme Tuners are a well-known brand when it comes to tuning your engine to the next level of power. They are a company based in Austria who took over Smarty Performance King. They now have distributors throughout North America and Europe.

Raceme has designed custom tuning devices that are specific to diesel performance engines that open up the potential of your vehicle. They offer emission deleting performance that will give you extra horsepower. It will feel great when you get out on the road after a tune. Raceme Tuner offers various models to suit your transmission tuning specifications.

What Makes Raceme Tuner Products Stand Out From the Competition?

Raceme Tuners stand out because they offer quality, accessible customer support, and a solid warranty. They have engineered their product for the serious driver who is looking to increase their horsepower both on the road and around the track with a custom tune. The substantial increase in efficiency gives rear week horsepower gains from 40-65% depending on the model.

The tuner has a wide array of functions that include clearing diagnostic codes, turning the EGR off, and adjusting TPMS. If something becomes problematic, a call to customer service can help. If worse comes to worst, the tuner is covered by a 2-year warranty.

Review of the Best Raceme Tuner

Raceme Tuner Inc. offers multiple models for purchase. Each one has been specifically engineered to attain particular power goals with various types of vehicles. The Raceme Ultra tuner is one of the best in the group. It has some great features:

Raceme Ultra Tuner


  • Easy updating with the Raceme Ultra programmer, as it has a Micro SD clot that makes updating the system simple.
  • It has a TPMS feature that will stop the warning messages by selecting a different PSI level.
  • The tuner guarantees to increase your engine by 200HP. It comes with an EGT probe sensor that is accurate up to 2200°F.
  • A modern touch screen that has gauge monitoring options. The screen is customizable and will support files that are 2007 or later.
  • The engine tuner offers a 4-time usable VIN. This means that you can use it on 4 trucks without having to purchase another engine tuner.


  • The buyer needs a business license to purchase the product
  • The extra 3 VIN’s must be purchased and aren’t included in the original cost

What Recent Buyers Report

People who have recently purchased the Raceme Ultra tuner like it. They find the various customizing options positive and enjoy the ability to set the engine exactly how they want it. However, the multiple tuning options posed issues for other purchasers looking for a diesel tuner. They found the options confusing. This problem was followed up by the fact that they also had trouble getting a hold of customer service when they needed help figuring things out. There are conflicting reviews of customer service accessibility.

Why it Stands Out to Us

While there will never be a tuner that is perfect for everyone, but the Raceme Ultra is certainly liked by many. Its easy updating and installation were noted in reviews as was the noticeable power shift and improved diesel performance once the custom tuning was completed.

The whole point of tuning your engine is to get more power, and this tuner will do that. Its ability to increase power anywhere from 40-65% is substantial and is great for those looking to save fuel mileage and improve performance on the track. The fact that it allows the user to set custom adjustments makes it a great product for those who like to do more complex tunes on their truck. It allows them to set parameters and control the overall tune.

Bottom Line

The Raceme Ultra tuner is going to offer everything a driver needs to gain that extra power. If you are looking to customize your tuning then this is the way to go. It may not be a tuner that someone who is new to tuning wants to start with but it is a top-quality product for those who know their way around the engine.

RaceMe Ultra vs. RaceMe Pro - Comparison Overview 

While both the Raceme Ultra and Pro are good products, the Ultra is more complex and has more features.


The Ultra has a large touch screen with a simple layout. While both tuners are easy to read, the Ultra offers more space to read and the ability to configure it. The Pro has a simple navigation menu as does the Ultra but the Ultra’s is easier to use due to the screen size.


While both tuners have multiple features, the Ultra has more than the Pro. It has a TPMS feature that can adjust tire pressure. It also comes with free updates and real-time programming. Both the Ultra and Pro can remove and adjust speed limiters, but you will get more advanced features with the Ultra.


Price could be the decision-maker when it comes to choosing between the Ultra and the Pro. The Ultra has more engineered features that are going to give you extended tuning options compared to the Pro. But you may not need them all so the extra cost may not be worth it.

The Ultra, even on sale, is going to be substantially more expensive than the Raceme Pro. The price difference is not just a few dollars. The differential can range anywhere from $200 to $400 depending on the deals you can find.

The higher price point means more features in this case, though. You will have to decide what you want when it comes to features and what you can afford. Whether you buy the Ultra or the Pro, both are good products. As with any major purchase, it’s important to do your research and buy what suits you and your vehicle best.

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