Superchips Flashpaq Review of 2021

| Last Updated: August 19, 2021

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The Superchips Flashpaq tuner will improve your vehicle performance with tuning. Tuning your diesel truck or car will enhance your driving experience and up its power in an affordable way.  

The Superchips Flashpaq will offer a performance tune that optimizes shift patterns, gets rid of down-shift, and will also get rid of factory lag on the gas pedal. 

If you are looking to get a custom tune that offers a greater HP, then this Flashpaq may be a good option to look at. 

  • Comes with various power levels for better performance
  • Will fit a variety of models without problems
  • Will quickly and easily send improved power to the gas
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What is the Superchips Flashpaq Best Known For? 

Most tuners will increase horsepower, Superchips Flashpaq does exactly that. The design of this tuner will give your diesel vehicle greater horsepower through a quick tune. It can also help a driver save on MPG’s. Fuel economy is something the Superchips Flashpaq does well. 

Superchips is one of the original performance chip manufacturers. Their focus is clearly on vehicle horsepower output and saving MPGs. 

Superchips Flashpaq is not the only tuner that the company produces. This Flashpaq is of the newer ones, is good for a diesel engine, and is simple to use. It boosts a vehicle's capacity for faster pick up as well as helping with towing. It offers quicker reaction times when you have to get up to speed fast. Superchips tuners always offer solid production quality and this performance programmer model is no different. 

Superchips Flashpaq


  • Screen
  • Power
  • Lots of Extras
  • Custom Tunes
  • Quality Software
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting


  • Case is weak
  • Screen is less clear

Main Features 

The Superchips Flashpaq has quality features that offer the user a variety of options when tuning their vehicle. 


Superchips Flashpaq’s goal is to optimize the performance of your diesel engine through a custom engine calibration. It is to fine-tune engine performance and efficiency. The aim is to get better MPGs, optimized shift patterns, and a better driving experience. The change is noticeable upon the completion of a tune.  The vehicle will be able to pick up speed for a short on-ramp, tow a heavy load over rough terrain, or cruise on a long-distance journey.

Diagnostic Scans

Once the user has installed a tune for improved performance, the Superchips Flashpaq can then do diagnostic scans and calibrations as well. The check engine light can come on at any time, which is never a good feeling. Hook up the Flashpaq, read the code and then clear it as required. This offers peace of mind, rather than worrying throughout the trip about the ominous light.


While optimization and diagnostics are the main reasons for purchasing this tuner, there are other added benefits, too. It can adjust your speedometer when you have larger tires on the truck as well as doing gear ratio changes. It can also make adjustments in the TPMS and modify shift strategies. Do all this by simply plugging the Flashpaq in and doing the required tune. 

Your vehicle is more than a basic purchase. It is not only a large financial investment, but it is a means of traveling in comfort. Using the Superchips Flashpaq is going to make driving an efficient, fun experience. It’s a win-win. 

Pros of the Superchips Flashpaq 

The Superchips Flashpaq has lots of great features that make the install easy and quick. 


The 2.8” color screen is high definition and clear. It is easy to read, so there’s no fear of not knowing how the process is going. It offers a newly engineered graphic user interface, so the user experience is top-of-the-line. It offers simplicity and great functionality. 

Quality Software

This version of the Superchips Flashpaq has increased memory and a fast processor. Both of these mean improved tuning and the ability to update quickly. Updating the software happens through a laptop and USB. Fast speeds and easy uploads make tuning simple. 

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

 This tuner has great troubleshooting abilities. It allows the driver to monitor capabilities and adjust as needed. Having the ability to use the tuners’ diagnostic tools to figure out the trouble codes makes repairs and resets easier than usual. 


The biggest pro of the Superchips Flashpaq has to be its ease of use for lots of power. It lets you add horsepower in minutes without tools, fuss, or mess. The simple user interface lets you select the power level and immediately feel the drive difference. There are going to be drive improvements along with the elimination of downshifting if you are driving uphill. It will adapt the vehicle for the better economy when towing and day to day driving. 

Lots of Extras

The tuner offers lots of extras to get the full potential out of a vehicle. It can tune the speedometer, adjusting for the size of tire and gear ratios. It will also do adjustments on the speed and rev limiters. Shifting is also covered with this tuner. It will do shift points, firmness as well as TQ management. 

Custom Tunes

While the tuner comes with pre-set tunes, you can do custom ones as well. Whether you are doing it yourself or taking into a shop, this tuner will let you go either way with a setup. Make sure you understand how to do the tunes yourself if you are going to do a custom set up.

Superchip Flashpaq

Cons of a Superchips Flashpaq

No product is perfect, so there are always going to be some cons. In this case, the main negative about the Superchips Flashpaq seems to be the construction of it. Seeing as the user will be using it in garage areas, it should be tough.

The case of the Flashpaq is weak. It feels like cheap plastic. This can be problematic if you are working somewhere that doesn't have a padded floor (which is most garages!) It means that the user is going to have to be especially careful not to drop it or bang it around. Unfortunately, the case is not as sturdy as it should be since the product is not inexpensive. 

Another issue may be the fuses that control the screen. Some users find a fade happens and the screen is less clear. However, it does have a warranty, and customer service can help as well. 

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Superchips Flashpaq? 


The most important thing that you need to know is whether the Superchips Flashpaq is compatible with your vehicle. Make sure you go to a reputable dealer, so you know what you are getting is correct and won’t damage the vehicle. Buying a model that is incompatible means you will get poor performance and the process will be frustrating and disappointing. 


The second thing to know is what your expectations are for the tuner's performance. If you want to hit certain markers with MPGs or HP, then make sure the Superchips can do that for you. It is a lot of money to spend if you don’t get what you want out of the product. This tuner has some great features, but they have to be what you want and can use. Maybe you don’t need all the bells and whistles and can go with a different Superchips. However, it is important to know what you are specifically looking for before you buy. 

Superchips vs Bully Dog - Comparison Overview 

Both Superchips and Bully Dog are good tuners. The choice really depends on what results you are looking for. If you want to track performance times and speeds with on-the-go adjustability, then Superchips may be the choice to make. If you want to make a significant impact on MPGs then Bully Dog might be the choice. Both are trusted brands that increase HP and MPGs, but they have their pros and cons. If you are clear on what your motivation for tuning is then look to what each can do for you. 

How to Install and Setup a Superchips Flashpaq 

It's easy to set up for this Superchips Flashpaq. Here are the steps but be sure to refer to the video below for a full overview of what is described. 

  1. Go to for updates before you install it. This is a must, or you won’t have the proper software for set up. 

  2. Now that ignition is downloaded, you can click on it and get the updates. 

  3. Connect the Superchip to the computer with the USB and the updater will see it’s plugged in so you can make an account.

  4. It will begin downloading new files. 

  5. Unplug the device.

  6. Now plug it into the vehicle's OMB sensor and it will have you turn on the ignition. 

  7. You can then tune the vehicle.

  8. Select tune and have it built. 

  9. Press ok to install the file. 

  10. Turn off the ignition. 

  11. Turn on ignition. 

  12. Superchips will begin programming. 

  13. When the programming is done, turn off the ignition and select ok.

  14. Turn on ignition. Press ok. The file is installed. Press ok again and you are done!


The Superchips Flashpaq is a great way to tune your diesel vehicle. Super fast and easy to use. It will give the vehicle better horsepower and good GPM without a lot of trouble. No tools are needed. Just an update on the computer, plug it into your truck, and download. It tunes quickly and the results are noticeable as soon as you are out on the road again. 

People Also Ask

There are always odds and ends people think to ask after they have read a review or gone through a product website. These questions are some that should help fill in the gaps if something has been missed. It's important to ask questions before you buy, as a tuner is no small investment. 

When Was Superchips Flashpaq Created?

Although Superchips has been around for 30 plus years, the newest Superchips Flashpaq model is fairly new. It was getting ready for the market in 2019 with availability in 2020. It is new and getting good reviews, so you will be getting an up-to-date version. 

Can Superchips Flashpaq Be Used on Multiple Vehicles?

Technically the Superchips Flashpaq can be used on more than one vehicle. However, not more than one vehicle at a time. This means that whichever vehicle it is used on has to be returned to stock before it can be used on a second truck. 

How Much Horsepower Does A Superchips Flashpaq Add? 

There are 4 different settings. The top performance offers power gains of 111.5HP, the second offers 80HP. If it's in economy mode, then it's around 40HP. If the set up is for the towing setting, then the gains are going to be around 60HP. 

How Do I Unlock Superchips Flashpaq For Free?

If you are the original owner, then you go onto the website and set up an account then you are in for free. If you are not the original owner, then you will need to do the same thing, but an unlocking fee may apply.

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