Banks Derringer L5P Reviews – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: August 18, 2021

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The Banks Derringer L5P is a device that optimizes the performance of the L5P engine you can find on recent vehicles like the 2020 Chevy Silverado or the 2020 GMC Sierra. Choosing a tuner designed for the L5P engine will give you more performance gains, and the Banks Derringer L5P also has built-in security features worth noting.

Insert the micro-SD card into your iDash gauge, open the menu, and look for a firmware update. You will then be able to select the firmware saved to your micro-SD card and install it.

What is the Banks Derringer Best Known For?

The Banks Derringer tuner features six levels of performance gains for easy control. The tuner can deliver gains of up to 81 HP and 144 lb-ft.

You will find that the tuner comes with a huge range of features. You can access more than 300 parameters for your vehicle or tuner. It can read data like speed, exhaust gas temperature, coolant temperature, and display it on the iDash modules.

There is a built-in security feature that will reset parameters to their stock configuration if the tuner detects an issue. It’s a noteworthy feature that prevents your tuner from causing damage or performance issues.

Banks Power is a manufacturer of accessories for diesel vehicles. The L5P tuner is a recent addition to a product line that includes the EconoMind Diesel Tuner, Big Hoss Diesel Tuner, and the Six-Gun Diesel Tuner for truck and SUV owners who are looking for sports performance.

  • Dyno calibrated to take for multiple data inputs
  • Will add up to 81 HP and 144 pound per feet
  • Active safety feature included for your engine
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Banks Derringer L5P


  • Plug and Play
  • Smart Tuning
  • Safety Features
  • Designed for the L5P


  • Fuel Efficiency Gains Unlikely

Main Features

The Banks Derringer L5P inline tuner comes with the following features.

Smart Performance Gains

The tuner has six performance settings for your different needs. The sixth level helps you achieve optimal gains and gives you more throttle. You can gain up to 81 HP and 144 lb-ft with this sixth level. You can select a mid-range setting for better fuel economy or tow.

The tuner communicates with the Electronic Control Unit of your vehicle and constantly adjusts performance settings. It’s a smart tuning system that calibrates your vehicle in real-time based on data from different sensors. The tuner can also monitor the DPF and calibrate your system to optimize the regeneration process.

Safety Features

The tuner monitors different safety parameters 100 times per second, so it doesn’t miss anything. It collects data from the engine and drivetrain and will remove added power if it detects an issue, thanks to the ActiveSafety feature. If the tuner detects a problem, it will bypass the tuning program and go back to stock performance to prevent damage to your engine.

The tuner also monitors coolant temperature and adjusts performance to maintain optimal engine temperature.

The TransCommand feature prevents transmission slips and other issues. It monitors data from your transmission and uses an intelligence shift tuning feature that adjusts power levels before shifting.

Screens and Data

The Banks Derringer L5P comes with the iDash SuperGauge or iDash DataMonster accessory. These accessories are small gauges with screens that display important data points.

You can install these gauges on your dashboard to keep an eye on performance, tuning, and DPF. You can access more than 300 different vehicle and device parameters with these accessories and switch between the different power levels.

The iDash DataMonster accessory allows you to log your data so that you can track your performance over time.


Here is why you should consider the Banks Derringer L5P tuner:

Smart Tuning

Most tuners apply for a program with specific parameters to optimize the performance of your vehicle. These parameters won’t change unless you load a different program and adjust your settings.

The Banks Derringer L5P tuner stands out from the competition by delivering a smart tuning system. The tuner continuously gathers data from your vehicle and adjusts tuning based on a wide range of factors.

Designed for the L5P

Banks designed this tuner for vehicles equipped with the L5P Duramax engine. The latest version of the L5P tuner is compatible with the 2020 Chevy Silverado and 2020 GMC Sierra.

While other tuners are compatible with a wider range of vehicles, focusing on a specific engine allows Banks to deliver a better performance. You can gain more than 80 HP with this tuner, along with 144 lb-ft in torque power.

Plug and Play

The Banks Derringer L5P tuner is an inline device. The installation process requires you to attach the tuner under the hood and mount the iDash accessories and switch in the cab of your vehicle.

The installation process is something you can do yourself, even though it’s a little more complex than other tuners.

You can add other iDash accessories, like sensor kits, thanks to the simple plug-and-play design.

Safety Features

The safety features are one of the main advantages of the Banks Derringer L5P tuner. The tuner will go back to stock power automatically if it detects anything unusual with your engine or powertrain. It will also monitor your transmission and implement different features that make shifting smoother.


There are a few limitations to consider.

Compatible With Few Vehicles

The Banks Derringer tuner only works with newer vehicles. Banks offer different L5P tuner models for different recent diesel vehicles, but overall other manufacturers tend to offer tuners compatible with a wider range of vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency

The L5P tuner won’t improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Keep in mind that it’s a tuner that delivers power gains. It's possible your mileage will go up due to more efficient shift patterns, but the results are inconclusive.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Banks Derringer L5P?

The Banks Derringer L5P is one of the best tuners for the Duramax L5P engines in terms of performance gains. Focusing on this engine allows the tuner to truly optimize its performance. It’s ideal for truck owners who are new to tuning with its simple setup and controls.

The safety features are another important consideration. It’s difficult to find tuners with built-in safety features that protect your vehicle from excessive wear-and-tear while tuning. The built-in feature that reverts to stock power when it detects an issue makes tuning safe.

You should know that this tuner might not be an ideal option if fuel efficacy is your priority. You will see an increase in acceleration, speed, and torque, but fuel efficiency won’t change.

You should also know that the tuner has six built-in performance levels. You can’t access other programs and can’t use the device for custom tuning. You won’t be able to implement a DPF/EGR delete. The device actually monitors the emission systems and makes it more efficient.

It’s an inline tuner, and the manufacturer doesn’t recommend stacking other tuners with it.

Banks Derringer vs. Edge Pulsar – Comparison Overview

The Banks Derringer and Edge Pulsar are two popular tuners for L5P engines. Here is how the two compare.


While both tuners perform in a similar range, the Edge Pulsar has a slight advantage. The Banks Derringer L5P delivers up to 81 HP and 144 lb-ft, while the Edge Pulsar can add up to 90 HP and 156 lb-ft. The Edge Pulsar also comes with a throttle enhancement feature.

The Edge Pulsar comes with five built-in performance levels. The six levels of the Banks Derringer give you more control over your vehicle’s performance, and switching between the different levels is easier with the Banks Derringer.


The Edge Pulsar tuner has a slip protection feature. It will drop power if it detects a transmission slip. It’s a useful feature, but the Banks Derringer does a lot more for your transmission with its intelligent shift tuning feature.


The two tuners have a very different approach to the way they use data. You can log data with the Edge Pulsar if you purchase an additional kit, but the tuner doesn’t use data to adjust performance.

The Banks Derringer uses data from multiple sensors to deliver a smart tuning experience and continuously adjust your vehicle’s performance based on sensor readings. The iDash accessory also makes data and parameters easier to read.

Installation and Updates

The Edge Pulsar plugs directly into the ECM. While you will have to open your hood to install it, it’s a simple process.

The Banks Derringer L5P plugs into your OBD-II port, but you will also have to connect the tuner to different sensors.

You can update the Banks Derringer L5P with an SD card, but you will have to remove the Edge Pulsar from your vehicle to connect it to a laptop and download updates.

How to Install and Setup a Banks Derringer L5P

The installation process can vary based on your vehicle and the accessories you want to use with the tuner. Here are the main steps you should follow:

  1. Install the Derringer module along the fender of your vehicle. Secure it with a zip tie and connect it to the battery terminals.

  2. Attach the application-specific harness to the main module and connect it to the vehicle sensors.

  3. Drill a small hole in the back of the engine bay so you can run the starter cable from the main module to the inside of the cab.

  4. Connect the OBD-II cable to the port under your steering wheel and to the switch. Install the switch back-plate in your cab if needed.

  5. Connect the switch to the iDash accessories and mount the gauges. You can use a single gauge or mount additional gauges to display more data.

  6. Connect the iDash gauges to the starter cable. Use Y-cables if you installed more than one gauge.

  7. Turn the engine on and check the LED indicator on the Derringer module.

You can see a more detailed installation tutorial in this YouTube video:


The Banks Derringer L5P takes a different approach to tuning by using readings from different vehicle sensors and deliver smart, real-time optimization. While other tuners run a program, the Banks Derringer L5P tuner is consistently tweaking your vehicle’s performance.

The safety features are another reason to consider this tuner. It can prevent issues like transmission slips, improve the performance of your emission systems, and revert to stock power if it detects an issue.

People Also Ask

Here are some additional questions truck owners often ask when considering the Banks Derringer L5P.

Can the Banks Derringer Change Tire Size?

The answer is no. If you install larger tires, your speedometer will display a reading that is slightly slower than your current speed. The Banks Derringer L5P can’t compensate for this inaccurate reading, but you can find other tuners with this feature, like the Edge Pulsar.

Will Banks Derringer Void My Warranty?

According to Banks, auto manufacturers can’t void your warranty if you install an aftermarket product in your vehicle. Your warranty can become void if an aftermarket product causes a failure. Banks Derringer tuners are high-quality products and are extremely unlikely to cause a failure.

How Do I Update My Banks Derringer?

Your Banks Derringer tuner comes with a micro-SD card. You can insert this micro-SD card into your laptop, download the latest firmware, and save it onto this card.

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