Smarty Jr J-06 Review (2021 Guide)

| Last Updated: August 19, 2021

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Every truck owner wants to make sure that their vehicle will be reliable and last them for a long time. Constantly getting repairs because of engine problems can be very burdensome and costly too.

This is where diesel tuners or programmers play an important role. They do a great job of monitoring your engine, notifying you of its state, and if there is something wrong with it.

In this article, we will be discussing the features and different aspects of the Smarty Jr. J-06 programmer.

  • Small and compact design for mobility
  • Free software updates are available for life
  • Quite easy to use for tuning the vehicle
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Smarty Jr. Tuner J-06 by Mads Electronics


  • Efficiency
  • Easy To Install
  • Automatic Updates
  • Low Smoke Emission
  • Changeable Power Settings


  • Limited Warranty
  • Availability Issues

Specs and Dimensions

  • Manufacturer: MADS Electronics

  • Model: J-06

  • Product Weight: 1.5 lbs.

  • Dimensions: 9.3 x 8.2 x 3 inches

  • Power Levels: 3

  • Software: CaTCHER

Main Features

The Smarty Jr. J-06 comes with a plethora of features that make it a great pick. These include:

CaTCHER Software

The Smarty Jr J-06 has the same basic CaTCHER software like some other models by the brand, but with some upgrades and changes. It lets the power go from 0 to 99 even when the vehicle is idle. This lets you experience the power increase throughout the entire RPM range instead of just at wide-open throttle. 

The unit comes with three different preloaded versions of CaTCHER, and the user can select any of them according to the type of performance they desire.

Power Levels

This device does not have as many power levels as other models, but it still does a great job of giving your engine a good boost. It comes with a Power on Demand feature that lets the user change the engine's power output. This can be done by choosing one of the three available power levels: 40HP, 70HP, and 100HP. This allows customizability, which leads to potential mileage gains. 

Plus, it consists of High Idle for all three cylinders, which comes in handy when cool air needs to be kept out, especially during winters.

Built-in USB Port

The Jr J-06 consists of a built-in USB port that lets you download simple updates directly from the internet. The tuner itself downloads the latest calibrations without any external commands and then adds them to the software as updates. This is great as you do not have to keep reminding yourself about upgrading the device.

Moreover, this programmer can read diagnostic codes in plain text, making it ideal for individuals who have little or no understanding of coding language. It further offers increased MPG, decreased EGT, adjustable timing, and torque management.


A plethora of benefits make the Jr. J-06 a great investment. These include:

Changeable Power Settings

The Power on Demand or PoD function in J-06 allows the user to select their preferred power level or setting instantly, even while driving. All you need to do is choose a number from zero to 99 and release the throttle to apply the new settings. It is highly convenient and does not require any expertise from your end.

Low Smoke Emission

Most vehicles release smoke and gases that are rather harmful to the environment. If your engine is constantly emitting gases, there is something seriously wrong with your system. White smoke means the fuel isn't burning completely, while black smoke indicates an increased concentration of carbon particles in the exhaust fumes, which can damage the environment.

This Smarty unit prevents this from happening by restricting the amount of fuel entering the system and also by adjusting the airflow in the combustion cylinder. This leads to an overall lower rate of EGT.


The Smarty tuner is perfect for both MPG (Miles per Gallon) increase and EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) decrease. It helps you save fuel because it lets you cover greater distances without burning a lot of it. This automatically leads to an engine with a cooler temperature.

Since the engine is not rigorously burning fuel, the exhaust gases are also cooler in temperature, which keeps the engine working perfectly for quite a while.

Automatic Updates

Another positive aspect of this device is that you do not need to manually update it or turn the engine off for update installation. It just downloads the updates automatically when they become available and installs them as well, without requiring you to do anything.

Easy to Install

It is very easy to install, as it does not require any tools. The unit also comes packaged with a guide, which can help greatly with the installation.


The device also comes with its fair share of negative aspects of this product that you must know. These include:

Limited Warranty

It is a great product in itself; in fact, it is better than most units you can find on the market. But even then, it can get damaged because of unforeseen circumstances. In that case, there is some bad news.

This unit comes with a limited warranty of one year. However, that comes with a few conditions that need to be fulfilled to make a claim. This can be a bummer if your device gets damaged after one year.

Availability Issues

Considering the wide range of features and the great value for money it offers, the device is high in demand. However, its supply does not meet the demand, and there can be some availability problems.

What is the Smarty Jr J-06 Best For?

If you are a car enthusiast, truck owner, or just love car-related gadgets, you will know why Smarty J-06 is so popular. It can be used for multiple purposes. Some of the reasons this unit is considered one of the best on the market are as follows:

Engine Efficiency

Smarty is a company known for its high-quality programmers. It comes with three different preloaded CaTCHER versions, and also has three distinct power levels. These can work at your will.

It also helps in fuel efficiency, covers larger distances while burning less fuel, and lowers temperatures of the exhaust gases. This makes sure they have fewer carbon particles, and your vehicle is eco-friendly. By maintaining a good airflow in the exhaust system, it also prevents your engine from overheating.

Maintenance and Monitoring

If you own a truck and have a programmer or tuner, the chances are that you will not need to schedule or go for all those expensive maintenance sessions with a professional. These devices are great when it comes to checking in on your engine's overall health.

They also keep track of anything that is happening and can display information when something is wrong.


This programmer comes with multiple power levels, which help with its performance when it is running. It can get the engine to go from zero to 99, even while it is idle. Each setting offers a boost that makes your truck go forward.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying a Smarty Jr J-06?

A few things you need to keep in mind before buying a Smarty Jr. J-06 are:

Perfect for Cummins

This tuner was specifically designed for the Dodge Cummins, especially the 03-07 5.9L ones. But it works well with other Dodge models as well. It is highly efficient and functions well when connected with them. It is also very easy to install and saves you a great deal in terms of time, money, and fuel.

Modified Trucks

Ensure that your truck has not gone any changes or modifications, especially the air exhausts, fuel systems, or the stock system. This is because, for this unit's ideal connectivity and functionality, it needs to connect with an unaltered stock system.

Otherwise, the vehicle's response to it could be unpredictable. Usually, using other tuners with your truck might have changed your ECM, which cannot be fixed by this unit.

Limited Warranty

Limited warranty for any product can be a real killjoy. This unit only comes with a warranty of one year, which also requires you to fulfill some requirements and only then can it be claimed.

Smarty vs. Smarty Jr - Comparison Overview

Now, people may get confused about which unit to choose as there are a lot of options on the market. So to make it easier, we have taken two top-class products and compared their similarities and differences.


The similarities between our chosen products for comparison are:

  • They both serve the same basic purpose

  • Both are manufactured by MADS Electronics

  • Their software is designed quite similarly, depending on their method of functioning

  • Both of these enhance the performance of your engine

  • They come preloaded with the CaTCHER software.


The differences between these two products are:

  • Smarty Jr. consists of three different software options

  • Smarty unit has more power levels than the Jr. version

  • Updating the CaTCHER software is easier on Smarty

  • Jr. enhances the horsepower in three ranges, from 40hp to 100hp. But the Smarty can go even further than 210hp

  • Smarty is more suitable for racers as it gives greater power output in smaller time intervals, while Smarty Jr. can be used for different purposes and has a greater range of use

How to Use a Smarty Jr J-06

Setting up the Jr J-06 for use isn’t difficult at all and involves the following steps:

1. Make sure that your vehicle's ECM contains the stock factory program from its manufacturing company.

2. Next, check and make sure that all the power-draining accessories and attachments with your vehicle are turned off.

3. Download the updated Smarty software from, which will make your device connect to your computer. This will upload the updated software using standard USB cables.

4. Now, you can safely connect your Smarty Jr. with the OBD-II port on the vehicle using the 15-pin connector cable that comes with it

5. Gently tighten the screws on the cable to ensure the connection remains stable.

6. The SMARTY device will turn on by itself once it is connected.

7. Ensure that both USB ports are not being used simultaneously because this can cause permanent damage.

8. Turn on your engine but do not crank it.

9. The Smarty Jr. would provide different options to select the CaTCHER version as you desire, and other details to update the ECM. It will also help with other things, such as recovering the ECM, returning to Stock Software, Torque Selection, etc.

How to Update a Smarty Jr.

Occasionally, you might have to update the Smarty Jr. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open your browser and go to the manufacturing company's site,

  2. Once there, you will see different tabs. Click on the Downloads tab.

  3. You will see different thumbnails. Choose the Smarty you are working with; in this case, it's the Jr J-06.

  4. Left-click on the Jr. J-06, then go down to the Tools tab. This is where you will get all the things required for the update.

  5. Download Smarty USB exe. Make sure you use the correct download tool for the correct operating system.

  6. Run the Smarty USB exe.

  7. Now click on the 7ZIP icon. This will take you to another website to download the 7ZIP from where you can download its latest version for your operating system.

  8. Run the downloaded 7ZIP file.

  9. If you want to check your 7ZIP file's ability to function, just right-click any desktop file. The 7ZIP should be an option among all the others.

  10. Go to the already open webpage of your Jr. J-06. Go to the software upgrade and left-click on the upgrade file.

  11. Agree to the terms and download the file.

  12. Use 7ZIP to decompress the file.

  13. You will get two files: a .7Z file which is compressed and a .SMT file, which can be downloaded into the Smarty. Use the latter. 

  14. Connect your Smarty to your computer by using a printer cord.

  15. Click on the upgrade file and run it. Go to the upper left corner of the box, click the file, and click on your file extension .SMT. This should appear on the upper left portion of the screen. If that doesn't happen, you might have made a mistake.

  16. If it's where it's supposed to be, click on send. The file has been sent to your Smarty.

  17. Just let the upgrade complete, and everything will be automatically erased, just as the box says. Don't unplug anything or try to shut down your computer before the process is finished.

And here it is. You have upgraded your Smarty. All the necessary steps have been listed above for you. If there are still some things you are confused about, feel free to refer to the video below.


So, here you have a full review of the Smarty Jr. J-06. All of the information for this article, the features, positive and negative aspects, specifications, etc. have been mentioned to help you determine if it’s the right purchase. It is different from a normal Smarty, but it has many aspects that make it a high-quality tuner.

People Also Ask

Even after trying to discuss all the important details, there may be some things left unanswered. So, this section will cater to important queries and confusion that one may have.

Is the Smarty Jr. J-06 Worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. With this tuner, you will be able to keep your engine in perfect condition, and it will add efficiency to your vehicle's performance. It also saves your maintenance and fuel costs in the longer run.

Who Makes the Smarty Jr. J-06?

It is manufactured by MADS Electronics, a company based in Italy.

Is a Smarty Jr. J-06 Hard to Use?

Not at all; it usually takes a little getting used to, especially if you are using it for the first time or have never used such devices before. But with regular use, you will get used to it and become an expert in no time.

What Vehicles is a Smarty Jr. J-06 Compatible With?

Primarily, it is compatible with different Dodge Ram vehicles. But it also goes with a variety of racing vehicles, tow trucks, etc.

How Much Torque Does Smarty Jr. Add?

It adds at least a 0.5% increase in HP, which affects the amount of torque added. But there is no set number, as it can change depending on vehicle type, model, and size.

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