Smarty S06 – 2021 Review

| Last Updated: August 19, 2021

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Diesel programmers or tuners are the perfect accessories for a truck. They make it easy to monitor and maintain the engine.

In this article, we will be discussing the Smarty S06 diesel programmer. It is famous amongst most car enthusiasts and lovers.

We will get into what makes this device the best in the industry. An in-detail look at the specifications and features will also help you decide whether you need to invest in one.

  • Comes with easy to use software
  • Has a clear and large display for easy reading
  • Helps to improve overall performance
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Smarty S-06


  • Fuel Saving
  • Great Performance
  • Easily Programmable
  • Different Power Levels


  • Limited Warranty
  • Low Temperatures

Specs and Dimensions

The Smarty’s specifications and dimensions are given below.

Weighs five pounds, and its dimensions are 9.3 x 8.4 x 2.9 inches

  • Consists of CaTCHER software

  • Has ten different power levels

  • Downloads ECM updates at the fastest speed
  • Updates ABS tire height in just a few seconds

  • Enabled Manuel High Idle in all software

  • Reads Diagnostics Trouble Code displays in plain text 

  • Does not require any tools for installation

  • Comes with a Programmable Speed Limiter from 25 to 250 mph

  • Power in Demand feature allows you to change from the default power setting to anywhere on a scale of 0 to 100

Main Features

The main features of the Smarty S-06 are as follows:

CaTCHER Software

The CaTCHER software by Smarty is what makes it stand out from other diesel tuners and programmers. This makes the device super-efficient, as it provides power, even when your vehicle is stationary. This way, you can experience the power increase at wide-open throttle and throughout the entire RPM range.

Fastest Download Speed

This programmer has the fastest ECM update download speed out of all the brands available on the market. It takes only 3.5 to a full five minutes each time it updates. Even the closest competition is three times slower. It also updates the ABS tire height in just a few seconds and reads diagnostic codes in plain text. On top of all that, the updates for the software itself are completely free.

Speed, RPM, and Shift Limiting

Smarty can program limits when it comes to speed, RPM, and shift settings. The speed limiter can be adjusted anywhere from 25 to 250 MPH in intervals of one mph.

The RPM and shift limits are only available in the race software. The RPM limiter can be programmed at stock or high. The high setting allows the engine to reach nearly 4000 RPM.

The shift limiter can be programmed as on or off. If it is off, the engine can be at full power even during gear transitions or power breaking.

Power and Performance Levels

The Power on Demand feature allows users to go from zero to 100 on the power scale no matter their default setting. Also, it has ten different performance levels. These are the standard REVO power levels, and they work as follows:

  • SW no. 0: Half Power

  • SW no. 1: 30 Horsepower increase with additional timing

  • SW no. 2: 60 Horsepower increase with no additional timing

  • SW no. 3: 60 Horsepower increase with additional timing

  • SW no. 4: 90 Horsepower increase with no additional timing

  • SW no. 5: 90 Horsepower increase with additional timing

  • SW no. 6: 160 Horsepower increase with no additional timing

  • SW no. 7: 160 Horsepower increase with additional timing

  • SW no. 8: 210 Horsepower increase with no additional timing

  • SW no. 9: 210 Horsepower increase with additional timing


The positive aspects of this device are listed below. Take a look to decide whether you want to invest in it.

Fuel Saving

This device is capable of saving fuel and, in turn, saving your fuel costs. It is highly efficient as it doesn’t only perform powerfully when the engine is in full throttle, but also when it sits idle. It also has great downloading speed when it comes to updates. All these things make it energy and time-efficient.

Easily Programmable

It is super easy to work with and does not require any tools or fuses. It is easy to program and adjust in accordance with your truck's speed. All you need to do is take the cord of the device and attach it to the OBD-II port located below the dashboard. Then follow the instructions shown on the screen. In just a few minutes, the process will be done.

Great Performance

The overall performance of this programmer makes almost every other competition on the market seem quite lackluster. Even its downloading speed is better, with the ECM updates downloading at a rate of 3.5 to five minutes. Similarly, the ABS updates are downloaded at incredible speeds.

Different Power Levels

Smarty S-06 comes with ten different levels of power for its users. It is highly efficient and effective in saving the truck's power usage and the driver's time. The power levels range from zero to 210+ mph, which is quite impressive. Also, the optional TNT-R programming is for people who want increased horsepower for modified trucks.


The negative aspects of the product are:

Low Temperatures

It is recommended by the company itself that you do not store their device in your truck if the temperatures become lower than 32°F. This is because the cold temperatures may cause the device to gather moisture inside. This can lead to problems in proper functioning or cause damage to it.

Limited Warranty

This device is a tough competition to other products on the market. But no matter how durable or efficient a product may be, there may still be circumstances in which it can get damaged. The good news is that the company does offer a warranty. The bad news is that it is a limited warranty of only one year and comes with some conditions.

What is a Smarty S06-PoD?

A Smarty S06-PoD is a state-of-the-art diesel programmer and tuner. It is a small electronic device that is used to manage, troubleshoot, and maintain an engine.

It is a great way to keep your engine’s performance efficient, as it keeps an eye on turbo boost pressure, fuel rail pressure, engine RPMs, airflow, etc.

It can also give a large boost of speed to the engine to up to 120 Horsepower, and reduce the truck's maintenance cost. Consequently, it makes up to be an expensive investment that pays off well in the long term.

What is a Smarty S-06 Best For?

The Smarty S-06 can prove to be a great investment for many uses. These include:

Engine Efficiency

When it comes to superior engine performance, the Smarty S-06 is the way to go. Its speed limit settings keep the engine’s fuel consumption under control while also giving it a speed boost. The ten levels of power are proof of that. Also, the TNT-R settings are perfect for someone who has a modified truck and wants a lot of horsepowers.


A good-quality programmer, such as the Smarty S06, reduces the need for frequent maintenance. As a result, you can save up on the costs that professional maintenance requires. These devices are great when it comes to keeping a check on the engine and its condition. They are also very easy to install, so you will not have to spend any money on the installation.

The programmer helps you identify any issues in your engine way before they become huge problems that require lots of money for repair.


As said before, the programmer comes with different power levels. These help in its performance when it runs. These units can make the engine go from zero to 100 while the vehicle is stationary. Also, for a bigger boost, the TNT-R settings are great.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying a Smarty S-06?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before buying a Smarty S06. These aspects are listed below:

Limited Warranty

The warranty backing up the device is limited. There are also a lot of conditions that you need to fulfill to claim the warranty. After the product has been sold, you have only a full year of limited warranty. When the year passes and your warranty expires, you will have to fully pay for its repair if you damage the device or malfunctions.

No Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures are the worst when it comes to these programmers. Under no circumstances can you leave this device in your truck if the temperatures become low, especially when it is below 32°F. It could lead to the device malfunctioning because of the moisture. The warranty does not cover this type of damage, so you must be careful.

Perfect For Cummins

The Smarty tuner is specifically designed for Cummins engines. It works well with them and makes these engines highly efficient.

The manufacturers of this device really believe in it for its function. It is easy to use and install and is great in terms of fuel and time efficiency. So, if you are a proud owner of a Cummins truck or vehicle, this programmer is a must-have.  

Smarty Jr vs. S06 - Comparison Overview

The Smarty S06 is a highly efficient device. But how is it in comparison to some other programmers such as the Smarty Jr? Let’s have a look:


The similarities between our chosen units for comparison are given below:

  • Both are programmers for diesel engines.

  • They help in the maintenance and efficiency of the truck's engines.


The differences between the Smarty Jr. and S06 are as follows:

  • S06 has more timing options than the Jr.

  • The variables and parameters are greater for the S06 

  • Jr. is easier to adjust than the S06.

  • It is cheaper to buy a Jr. than the S06.

  • The S06 also consists of better torque management settings than the Jr.

How to Update a Smarty S06

Below we have the steps required to update a Smarty S-06.

  1. Open up your browser and go to

  2. On the page, there will be different tabs. Click on the downloads tab.

  3. You will now see different thumbnails. Choose the Smarty you are working with; in this case, it's the S-06.

  4. Left-click on the S06, then go down to the tools tab. This is where you will get all the things required for the update.

  5. Download Smarty USB exe. Make sure you use the correct download tool for the correct operating system.

  6. Run the Smarty USB exe.

  7. Now click on the 7ZIP icon. It will take you to another website to download the 7ZIP from where you can download its most current version for your operating system.

  8. Run the downloaded 7ZIP file.

  9. If you want to check your 7ZIP file’s functionality, just right-click any file on your desktop. The 7ZIP option should be available along with all the others.

  10. Go to the S06 webpage. Go to the software upgrade and left-click on the upgrade file.

  11. Agree to the terms and download the file.

  12. Use 7ZIP to decompress the file.

  13. You will get TWO files; A .7Z file, which is compressed and an MT file, which can be downloaded into the Smarty device. Use this one.

  14. Hook up your Smarty to your computer by using a printer cord.

  15. Click on the upgrade file and run it. Go to the upper left corner of the box, click "file," and click on your file extension.SMT. It should appear on the upper left portion of the screen.

  16. Click on send. The file has been sent to your Smarty.

  17. Just let the upgrade complete and erase everything as the box says. Don’t unplug anything until the process is finished.

We have listed all the steps that are necessary for the process. If you are confused about something, refer to the video below.


So here you have the full review of the Smarty S06. We have carefully mentioned all of its features, positive and negative aspects, specifications, etc. All of this information was compiled after research and reading hundreds of customer reviews about the product.

We hope that this will help you in clarifying if this is the right programmer for you.

People Also Ask

Even though we have tried our best to give all the information related to the product, some things may still be unclear. So below, we have answered a few questions to help.

Is a Smarty S-06 Worth it?

Yes, it is definitely worth it. It is easy to use, makes your engine's performance highly efficient, and keeps track of things in case there is a need for maintenance.

Who Makes the Smarty S-06?

Smarty S06 is manufactured by MADS Electronics.

Smarty S-06

When Was Smarty S-06 Created?

The Smarty S06 was created for the 2003 to 2007 Dodge Ram 5.9 L Cummins Turbo Diesel.

Is a Smarty S-06 Hard to Use?

Not at all, as long as you follow the instructions and don’t try to experiment on your own.

What is the Best Tune on an S06 Smarty For Fuel Mileage?

The best tune for a Smarty per fuel mileage is the SW no. 1: 30 Horsepower increase with additional timing.

What Does PoD Mean on a Smarty?

PoD means Power on Demand. This is the feature that allows you to change the tuning while the truck is driving or in motion.

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